-E.B. White

Sunday, February 10, 2019

We apologize for the gap year(s)

After almost two years of not touching the blog, I decided today to check out where and what the other blogs we used to follow are doing now.  Was surprised to see our friends on M/V Tourist are going thru similar situations.

We have not sold our boat, and have managed to get it moved one way or another to Marco Island Marina and have been lucky to spend sometime on her during the winter of 2017/2018 and then again this year 2018/2019.  Not doing a lot of cruising to speak of but has provided us some much needed                    R & R  

In July of 2017 we lost Rick's sister and Debs mother passed away in December 2017. My aging, stubborn, Irish father decided he wanted to live alone in his home of the past 60+ years.  Not sure how that was going to work because he has never grocery shopped, does not do laundry or cook meals.  My sisters and myself have been covering those chores until this past December when he woke up and couldn't walk (we suspect he fell, but will not admit to that).  Rick, Izzy and I have just returned from a month (Jan 1-Feb 1)  in Minnesota, to get dad set up in a nursing care facility and lucky for us, just in time for 30 below temps with a  55 below windchill. Happy to say, he is settling in and with my sisters help we are now back in Florida.  I will fly home every two weeks or so to relieve my sister.  On top of everything else my youngest sister was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  I guess when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade and then try to find someone whose life has given them vodka and have a party.  Nevertheless, you will most likely stop posting on your blog.    

Enjoy 55 below with Izzy

look forward to reconnecting with our followers and fellow bloggers.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Yup, we escaped once again.  

Ventured out to Keewaydin Island which is a barrier island in Florida that has no cars, roads or bridges.  An environmental group stopped a bridge to the island.  Locals and visitors can enjoy the experience of a visit to this pristine barrier island and its ecosystem only by boat.  The southern tip of the island is the area where local boaters congregate by parking their boats on the shore and enjoy people watching.  Best options are to rent a boat, go on a tourist boat, visit with a private boat owner or call Hemingway Water Shuttle.  The Island is home to Rookery Bay.  We found this spot 13-14 years ago, no one was here, things change.  

Dropping anchor - barely an inch to spare on the beach.  At least four food pontoon boats have already arrived.  All good for us, we will hang out relaxing on Broulee until they all leave at 5:00 o'clock - then we take over the beach!

Empty beach - looking forward to a quiet sunset and a walk on the beach.

  All is good until the wash down of all of our feet, some don't mind so much, some not so much.

Even though not a "green flash" sunset - it was still good.  AHHHH

Next morning it was a quick dinghy ride to the beach, need to get there before throngs of people arrive.

Looks like a good morning on the beach

Dad, it's all about me and my ball, Dad - Hey, Dad, what about me and my ball?

Then its, Izzy give me the ball, Izzy drop the ball, IZZY DROP THE BALL!!!

Labrador and Dad just happy to be walking the beach - all is good.

As I mentioned before, we were here 13-14 years ago with our good friends Doug and Robbie.  We were the only people here and there were no paths cut through to the gulf.  This is a big shelling beach, and I am "borrowing/stealing" this idea for pictures from Doug.  I have decided to photograph shells rather than pick them up (I had a serious shell intervention in 2006-2007 during boating in the Caribbean).

Even though Izzy was leashed - the word spread fast, Dog, DOG, BIG DOG!!!  Funny thing is instead of flying behind us, they flew ahead so once again,, Dog, DOG, BIG DOG!!!

We knew our quiet beach time was short lived - so we crossed back from gulf to anchorage to our return to Broulee for more relaxing time.

Oh, Oh - time to head back - the boats are heading into beach and...

Hemingway Water Shuttle just dropped off their first beach group.

  Leaving our footprints to the soon to be overrun prints on the beach.

Back to our "Island in the Sea"

Back to Island for Izzy final romp, Ice Cream and sunset - tomorrow, back to the Marina.

Category 5 hurricane bird home.  

Marina, not a bad place to be either.  Broulee snug as a bug in a rug.

All is good here!

Advice from a Dolphin

Have a playful spirit
Be curious
Find someone you click with
Sound out new ideas
Glide through the day with ease
Find your life's porpoise
Jump for joy!