-E.B. White

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Gangs all here.

It is always sad to leave a neighborhood you get familiar with.  Gotta say pretty much perfect except WI-FI was not that good, we have learned to rely on our Verizon Hotspot- it seems the normal at marinas now.    Anyway - always love the the East Coast of Florida, always a breeze (Rick calls it windy and claims it's hard to varnish the rails) and not so many bugs.  We did manage to finally leave Titusville Marina on the 26th and headed south.

Broulee leaving the T dock - its been fun. 

Nice anchorage - a bit breezy/windy, but good to be on the move.  Sunrise as we lift anchor.

  Found out our friends on Cocoon Too were in the mooring field at Vero Beach. We are anchored at the back of the pack where it's free.  Checked out the dog park - guess we got spoiled at Titusville - A dog as big as a horse tried to take Izzy out. Good visit with Tom and Phyllis who had just crossed over from the Bahamas.

Cocoon Too rafted off with Eldridge  C - this is the norm here especially during the migration north.  Coming south we felt like we were going the wrong way on the freeway.  We saw  50 boats a day that were heading north.

and then couldn't believe that we caught up with Istaboa on the St. Lucie waterway at River Forest - Stuart.    Mel was not on board, but visiting her Mom.  Good to see Bob - he's heading for Sarasota to install a Wi-Fi system at Marina Jacks - maybe more marinas will get with the program.  

Broulee passing thru Port Mayaca lock - no locking needed today - it's wide open.  Heading for  Lake Okeechobee.

Burning the sugar fields.  Also notice the lake is a bit bumpy.

Sights along the waterway.

DYAD out of Dover, ME

More sugar cane burning on the Caloosahatchee River.  Not looking good for washing the boat down at River Forest and or keeping it clean before hauling out.

After passing thru  Moore Haven Lock we were hailed on the radio by Tourist (Sea Ray on the left).  We planned on driving to Legacy to see them, but this is even better - they are at River Forest to get hauled out for some warranty items - a couple of good happy hours and we are caught up on Legacy life.  Istaboa had to go into the haul out well - too big to fit on the wall. The rest of the boats snugged up a little bit allowing room to shoe horn Broulee into a spot - seems to be a popular place this weekend.  Our friends on Sofkin are also here - preparing for haul out and summer storage. 
 It seems the Gangs all here!

   Broulee and Sofkin - back to back and back together again.  Our last boat encounter was in Coral Cove Marina, Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

We drove over to Naples to visit our Minnesota friends, Doug & Robbie.  We were treated to a great barbecue dinner at their beautiful winter home.  I forgot my camera and asked Doug to e-mail a picture of our gathering - they are busy closing up their home for a return to Minnesota - so this will have to do - until he gets a chance to send it.

Robbie, Doug, Deb & Rick
  Thanks Doug & Robbie - we had a great time. It must be the water here, my hair looks fabulous. 

Good to see everyone - hauling on Friday and heading to the great white north (they are supposed to get 10" of new snow today).  Rick is looking forward to some ice fishing and me - the grandkids.  Izzy can't wait to meet Rylie - our new granddog and of course, to once again see, her sister Kelly  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We must bid Adieu - parting is such sweet sorrow.

Our time here has come to an end - it has been fun to discover a new community of boaters, and friendly townspeople - but time has come for us to move on.  We have been busy trying to cram in the last few places we have wanted to eat at, and one of those places, was Chef Larry's.  

We heard about it from some locals that stopped by while strolling the docks.  We drove by it at least once a day and wondered what it was all about.  Open for lunch weekly, but open for dinner on Friday and Saturdays, but only by reservation and seating limited.  We got in last Saturday and it was all that "they" said it would be.

Waiting with others for our 7:00 reservation.  You are allowed to bring your own libations.  Rick is carrying our designer Publix wine bag.

  Others had giant liquor wagons in tow.

If you are a newcomer, or someone of importance - Chef Larry requests a photo opp.  I believe we are the famous people from Titusville Marina 
or the Newcomers from Titusville Marina - ??? Whichever, he wanted a pic.

Closing time - Chef Larry's

A car is necessary here if you are spending a lengthy amount of time - otherwise the Marina does have a Cruiser Van that will take you to just about anywhere you need to go.  Historic downtown is within walking distance - check out Cafe Chocolat.  Rick on Tourist  - KFC is a block away.  

They are trying to revive the area.  A couple of motels have remodeled themselves into their previous grandeur.  Wades Motor Inn is one and Siesta Motel is the other. 

The other side of the Color TV sign says Ice Cold A/C.  Very cute boutique motels.

A reason to come back - we did no get a chance to eat at the Moon- Light Diner.

Deb's sister Joni (the beauty on the right),  Her husband David and his father Al and sister Suzi were here for the weekend, attending a wedding.  We joined them in Lake Mary for a fun night at Liam Fitzpatricks - alcohol may have been involved.

We also had a great visit on Broulee and dinner at Dixie Crossroads - another fine dining experience in Titusville.

In project news - we have a new dishwasher.

and she works for her supper.