-E.B. White

Friday, February 5, 2016

Back from the Ranch and helm remodel continues

Deb spent last week at the Wrinkle Ranch (aka Queen Valley, AZ) visiting her parents at their winter location.  Happy Hour -  desert style.  Going from extreme humidity in Florida to extremely dry air in AZ presented quite a challenge.  Honestly I was happy to get back to humidity.

This is a big deal - someone actually changes the goose outfit daily and residents make a special trips out of the park to see what she is wearing.    

Sanding and varnishing continues on windows and now a decision was made to also revarnish the rest of the helm station. How could you not.  It's hard to know where to stop.

Can only do one coat a day - a very slow process.  In between coats the captain has been designing new plates for the helm.

 Plates are to be made of black anodized aluminum.  Ordered from Panel Express out of Seattle, WA and expected to arrive around mid - February.  Hopefully all the varnishing will be done and assembling of the new helm can start.

Also in between coats of varnish - some engine room maintenance (it's a boat remember, Always something more on the list!).

Genset wet exhaust tube was "old", crack lines and soft in areas so time to replace. Why are those things at the back of the set, against the aft bulkhead in a space big enough for a child?

Well not only the tubing but the metal flange was corroded badly. Hard to see in picture but a few areas had holes.

Ok, so there is enough room to work back 
here !?

We have also have had fun - Wayne and Lynn (Marco Island Marina friends on the left, from last season) drove down from Jacksonville for a weekend visit.  Really fun to catch up on their travels since we split up last March.

  Also a great dinner with Robbie at Albertos on 5th in Naples.

Don't know about the rest of the group, but my blackened scallop and shrimp in a lobster sauce was incredible.

Rick's dessert, chocolate cake with ice cream - yum!

  Doug will be back soon, more visits with Minnesota people to follow.  Having worked for a refinery, he loves seeing the horsepower shown below. Lots of fuel needed there.


Boat name - NO ETA, really I would pretty much think you could leave late and still arrive before anyone else.

Always nice to be #1

Just stopping in for lunch at the Yacht Club - for boaters where money is no object.  They probably spent more on gas and lunch than our monthly slip rental.  Each to their own.

Anyone who knows Izzy, new toys are always her favorite, also we have to name them.  Couldn't pass up a two for $5 deal at Petco - introducing bluey and pinky.  She could hardly wait to show them off to all her people friends on the dock and the parking lot.  They love how she makes them feel like they are her best friend.

Her choices are endless, there is a whole basketful here.  Of course, they are all screaming pick me, pick me.  Izzy has figured out carrying a toy or two, or three in her mouth almost guarantees a people person to notice her and want to give her a pet.  These four are her favorites for the moment.  Rudy, Pinky, Lamby and Mr. Bubbly. She is still not so happy with the kitty who lives on the dock Mr. Kitty - she tries to show him her toy and he doesn't like it in his face. Hisssssss, swat!  She's trying, but doesn't understand why that little dog doesn't like her.

She also doesn't understand the birds (anhingas) lounging on her dock (actually drying off their wings) - bark, bark, bark - I need to flush it - let me out, dad get your shotgun!

Life here is good......

Stay tuned. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Its been very Weathery

January 9th a tornado hit Cape Coral which felt a little too close for comfort, but the storms that blew thru this weekend were too close for comfort.  This storm hit Marco Island on Friday around 1:30 PM.  It had already tore thru Ft. Myers (possible tornado touch down there) and Naples.  We ended up with high winds in the 25-30MPH range and sideways rain.

Rain started, but the wind has not kicked in yet, these two guys are scrambling to get awning down.  It didn't happen, within seconds we had sideways rain.

30 MPH gusts in the Marina

The second storm hit at 5:23 Sunday Morning - winds clocking 38 MPH.  Naples Airport reported 84 MPH winds.  Lots of power outages.  It's scary when it happens in the dark - reminds me of a few overnight passages we have had, even though we were (hopefully) adequately secured to the dock.  The marina dockmaster spent the day retrieving and collecting unsecured items blown from boats.

So here we are, calm after the storm.  40 MPH Winds all day long.

Electrical chase-looking good

Ok now we have started on the scary panel. To relocate the gauges some of the wires need to be extended, so, start splicing in wire. The engine temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, battery status and warning buzzer will be relocated to the new center panel and will be further from the original wire harness, thus the wire extensions.

So here is the old panel, hoping to recreate the lower portion to install on new panel. Drawings and bids are in, will see what happens.   All the old instruments are now rewired and ready for install on new helm , process is slow, but...

Varnishing is very much like standing on your head. 

Concept is happening.  Black Laminate has been applied.  More instruments to be installed in that helm.  We are happy with the vision.