-E.B. White

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Coronavirus Horse Race

Quick Update

Surgery went well, now taking everything one day at a time.  Sounds like Governor is opening restrictions on retail business on Monday the 18th, with the hope to open bars, restaurants and salons on June 1st.  Minnesota is mostly a follow the rules kind of people so masks and distancing has been easier for us.  80% of our 700 deaths are in Senior living arrangements..  I have not been able to see my Dad since March 5th.  Hes doing well, but there have been several deaths at his facility.  Our kids are doing good because they are lucky to work for their companies from their own homes. 

Alive and well after surgery.  Waiting on better days

Gardens are flourishing, Temps in the 80's - 90's predicted for the week of May 18th. 

Dock and pontoon are in, today is an all day rain kind of day, forcing Rick to lay low as doctor has ordered.  Those of you that know Rick, its been a challenging day (for both of us). 

Sunday, May 10, 2020


So here is where the craziness starts.  End of February Izzy back in a hotel room for the three day trek back up to Minnesota for a spur of the moment spring break ski trip in Montana with kids and grandkids March 6th - 11th.  

Izzy says the drive was worth it - back in the snow, again, Anaconda, Montana, perfect!

View of Discovery Ski area, Anaconda, MT from our little cabin in the hills.

No view of mountain today - wake up everyone, fresh powder!

Rick & Son, Brad 

Pops, Brad & Bayler - skiing is in their DNA

Dinner with Rymers at the Fairmont after a swim in the hot springs

Cooper, Bayler, Katie, Nana & Pops family dinner at the local chicken shack - the end to a perfect ski trip!

Kids flew back to Minnesota on the 11th and we decided to head south to AZ house before heading east to Florida.  Lots of beautiful scenery along the way.

Mountains in Utah

Lake Mead recreational area

It has been a long time since Rick had skied Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ so we decided to spend the night and ski the mountain next morning.  Lucky to wake up to fresh snow on the mountain.

Skiing Snowbowl

Arriving back in Queen Valley, AZ.   Queen Creek, due to lots of rain and  snow in the mountains, was rushing thru town and the desert was in full bloom

All looked good at the "little house in the desert" so we decided to make the 4 day trip back to Broulee.

Rick's mom always said, Man makes plans and the gods laugh.  We made it to Van Horn, Tx (2 hours east of El Paso) Rick had been dealing with indigestion all day.  We woke up the next  morning and he was severely jaundiced.  We decided to go to the urgency room in the little town and come to find out he was dealing with Gall Bladder and pancreas issues.  He needed to be hospitalized immediately so it was back to El Paso for an emergency endoscopy to see what was going on.  Turns out his common bile duct was blocked and they needed to put a stent in and recommended gall bladder removal. We opted to have gall bladder removed when we get  back to Minnesota. Our plans at this point are to continue on to Florida to put Broulee away for the summer.  Izzy and I spent six days in a hotel while they tried to get his lipase numbers down before releasing him.  Sunday the 22nd of March we made the decision to head north to Minnesota.  We were home on the 24th just in time for MN Shelter-In-Place to take effect on the 25th. Which now means Gall Bladder surgery is on hold as it is considered elective surgery, that is unless he has another attack and turns yellow again.  I have four pet peeves during this Covid-19 thing.  People in grocery stores not wearing masks or self distancing. Guns at protest rallies. Walkers that walk three abreast and hog the sidewalk and last, but not least, the toilet paper hoarders (whats up with that?)

On April 22nd Rick had another ERCP so doc here could see what they are dealing with.  On April 30th our Governor extended our stay at home till May 18th relaxing some restrictions on curbside pickups for retail stores.  On May 2nd Rick ended up in the emergency room with severe gut pain.  They kept him for the day, but sent him home in the afternoon after giving him some good pain drugs with the message, come back if/when it happens again.  Wow, thats encouraging! 

  May 5th our Governor signed an order to safely restart elective surgeries.  On May 7th Rick's GI doc called and scheduled his surgery for May 14th.  

Hope is in the air

Happy Spring

Facts not Fear

Please don't drink bleach!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


We decided to drive back to Minnesota for the holidays, to spend time with our family and friends.  The marina at Marco Island has been going thru some changes regarding live-a-boards (against our wishes) so the marina was pretty much empty of people and celebrations, i.e. happy hour docktails.  

Enroute to MN, Izzy seems to know we are heading north to snow, her favorite!!

The girls from the hood at Murrays' annual Xmas party.  Also lots of Christmas caroling with Rautenbergs and lots of snow time for Izzy.  


Darn, back in car - but instead of heading back to Florida we decided to take a side trip to Arizona house for a quick visit with friends at the wrinkle ranch, some golf and then back north for some skiing in Colorado.  We left on Christmas day - turned out to be a good day for no semi- truck traffic on the roads.

Christmas evening - Wichita, Ks.  Lucky for us restaurant across street from our hotel (Dave & Buster's) was open for dinner.  Wine & Burgers, perfect!

Meanwhile back at the hotel - Izzy enjoying her bed pillows after a long day on the road.

Pretty little golf course at the base of Superstition Mountains.  Looks like rain in them there hills.

Touring Canyon Lake from the steamboat "Dolly"

Then north to Pagosa Springs, CO for some skiing.  Rick with Susan & Rich Hampton.

Then it was back to Minnesota - unpacking ski gear and golf clubs and making plans to return to Broulee in Florida.

Jan 13th - Birmingham, AL - long day on the road for everyone.  Should be back to boat tomorrow.

Of, course, more projects on "this old boat".  Rick decided to refinish the pilot house floor.  Once, again, nothing is as easy as it seems.  We first thought just a quick sanding and refinish - 

Not a very good pic - but Mr. perfectionist decided the floor needed to be completely stripped  

A few more coats and it should be good. 

We decided to take a break from projects and will get back to final coats before we put Broulee into storage, or will we?????  We had originally planned on taking a trip down to Key West on Broulee to visit friends Vince & Mary at Stock Island Marina, but we couldn't get a good weather window so we loaded Izzy into the car, again, for a trip down to Key West. 

Key West Sunset - yup Key West is still Key West.

 Rick & Izzy enjoying wine & popcorn around the fire pit at our $400.00 a night hotel in Key West. (It's a long story)  Anyway, fun to spend some time with Vince & Mary.

  For Deb, it was back to MN Feb 8th - 11th.  Just some Dad time and getting caught up on paperwork.

Deb returning to Broulee just in time for a Minnesota reunion with Doug & Robbie, Mary & Mark and Jane & Dean at Isle of Capri Fish House.  Good food and good friends!  Also we were surprised with a visit from former Krogen owners, Wayne & Carol.  They decided to venture out of cold/snowy New Hampshire and spend some time in their old stomping grounds of Marco, very fun to see them!

We are now back in MN deciding to Shelter-In-Place in a state with low covid-19 stats and a level headed governor.

Everyone stay safe!!!!!

roh, roh - stay tuned (El Paso, Tx - March 16th)

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Last anchorage of the season April 6, 2019 heading to River Forest for haulout

Broulee heading for the barn April 9, 2019, then its pedal to the metal for a three day run back to Minnesota.  Of, course, major snow storm in Minnesota and Wisconsin caused us to change our route and come up thru Iowa.  

On April 27th we had a memorial service for Deb's beautiful sister Joni who passed away in February.

then we caught the red eye to New York on April 28th for a memorial service for Rick's brother-in-law, Don Nice who passed away in March.  Pictured here with niece Leslie and her children, Macdera, Devin and Samantha.

May was time to get a to-do list in order.  Probably will not get all this done, but its a goal.  

May 21st we flew to AZ to check on Deb's dads little house in the desert.  Catching up on news from the wrinkle ranch with Deb's parents friend Ruth.  Cheers!!!

By June the gardens are flourishing, which really means, let the weeding and yard work begins.

For three weeks in June we are in our raspberry garden picking berries for our infamous Raspberry wine.  If you have been lucky enough to get a bottle, you know what we are talking about. 

Bottling wine at friends Bob & Pams.  The best part of bottling, is the sampling to get it just right, then its bottle and cork.

  1st two cases of  a total of 10 for the season.

Deb and her dad enjoying a fun day together at a family appreciation gathering at his new digs for senior living.

End of June we decided to do a road trip to visit friends and family.  Taking a break/leg stretch at Chautauqua Lake in Jameston, New York

Lake is 17 miles long and two miles wide with a surface area of 13,000 acres, breathtaking!

Spent a couple days visiting boating friends Jim & Andy in their beautiful home in the Catskills.  Of, course, ice cream is always on the agenda.

Cute little Airbnb in the Catskills owned by friends of Jim & Andy

View from the airbnb cabin of their friends farm, and below their cute highland cows.

Very friendly - well we did have apple chips to feed them.

Then a quick couple day visit with boating friends Vince & Mary on the Jersey Shore

Board walk near Toms River, NJ

Restoration of Jersey shoreline after hurricane Sandy

Enjoying some beach time with Vince and Mary.  Thanks for the downtime everyone. 

Stopping next to visit nephew Brian in Cold Spring, New York.  

Brian knows that his Uncle Rick is type "A" and doesn't really enjoy downtime so he enlisted him in a project to oil his coffee table - Rick is just the guy for this fun vacation project.

Nice job Uncle Rick!!

July was a time for Debs sister Gail and her family to have a reunion up north in Brainerd, MN. Great niece Elin and  Debs niece Ali made the trek here from Texas.  Elin is the dose of medicine we need right now.  Thank you Josh for letting them come and brighten our lives.  

Deb's beautiful sister Gail and her beautiful granddaughter Elin enjoying an outing on the pontoon in Brainerd.

August, September and October were project months.  We decided to get rid of carpeting on the second floor and revert back to the original fir flooring.  The problem was sometime in the 80's the floor on the landing was tore up to put a support beam on first floor to correct a sagging ceiling.  Rick is tearing up the plywood to re insulate and lay new plywood to level the floor.  (House built in 1895)  

New plywood and leveling in process

One of three bedrooms upstairs.  This room required some replacement boards also as part of the beam installation downstairs.  We found a supplier in our area that had fir flooring.  The fun part will be trying to match the new portion stain with old portion. 

Small bedroom that we use as an office - old floors are looking good after sanding an re staining.   The master bedroom is done, also, but did'nt get pic before leaving.  The second bedroom and landing are also done, lots of trim work and some staining left to do (2020 to do list) but everything is functional.  They make it look so easy on HGTV, NOT!!!

November 15th we were back at Broulee for her launch.  Will see how this season goes.

Once again, firing right up and ready to go!

Good to be back in Marco Island.  

Izzy is busy making friends with boaters.  Driving back to Minnesota for Xmas with family & friends December 12th till December 25th - next adventure to follow.