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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic was unbelievable. The Marina was top notch and your dock fee included free admission to the Adventure Park right next door.

the Casino was beautiful, but, we were not to be tempted

We had Sunday brunch at this wonderful outdoor restaurant.

The Marina was not very crowded - here we are with Take Time and Strictly for Fun (Scott & Terry Stricklund from Minnetonka, Mn)- small world at Ocean World

View of Broulee's backside looking out at the mountains. There's another one of those mega yachts with their helicpoter on board - yikes - what do these people do for a living?

Ok, now on to the Adventure Park. First was the Dolphin show - for anyone that is interested we have 100 or more shots of the dolphins to show you - give us a call.

Then there were the Sea Lions - again call us we have lots more shots! (Most of them blurry)

Oh look - he's waving goodbye - how cute is that?

I promise this is the last one (of the Sea Lions).

Then there was the Shark Encounter - and for an additonal fee - you can swim with them!

Lots of beautiful fish at the Aquarium - up above is an Atlantic Spadefish.

Cute little spotted Trunkfish.

Hey guys - we saw lots of these - Permit fish.

And in their own little aquarium - the piranhas!

Inside the rainforest exhibit is the bird sanctuary that is home to macaws, toucans, love birds and other tropical birds. You can feed them as they land on your hands and shoulders.

Could not believe all the different toucans - I just wanted to take one home.
Oh, yes they had tigers and you could swim with them too!

Ouch! this guy should have used more sunscreen!

We decided to rent a car and see the countryside. Wow what a crazy ride. There seemed to be no rule of the road. Motorbikes zipped around you and they came out of nowhere, but were everywhere. We saw several of them with at least four people on them. A bus (van) passed us with at least 12 people inside with the door open and half of them hanging outside. It was mass confusion for us, but seemed to be the norm for them. We took the road thru the mountains back to Puerto Playa where we saw lots of errosion (roads washed away) from rain washouts, but the views were spectacular.

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