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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1st, 2008 we left Columbus Marina in Columbus, MS at 9:00 am heading north - it was 60 degrees and a light breeze. We will do four locks today. Aberdeen Lock, Amory Lock, Wilkins Lock & Fulton Lock hopefully making our planned destination of Midway, Marina @ Fulton, Ms. by this evening. The Tenn-Tom Waterway is the flyway used exclusively by "snow birds" migrating from the northern climates in autumn and going back north in the spring. The construction of the project began in 1972, it would go on to become the largest civil works project ever undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers, which spent $2 billion to make it happen. By connecting the Tennessee River in Mississippi and the Black Warrior River in Alabama, it provides a direct water route from the Tennessee River to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile Bay. It was offically opened January 14, 1985. The waterway is 253 miles long (we are at mile 115 already) and a total of 10 locks. Each dam raises the waterway an average of 30 feet except at the Jamie Whitten lock and dam at Bay Springs where an 84 foot lift is required to carry the waterway over the divide and into the Tennessee River Valley.

This guy decided he wanted to come with us - what the heck is it? Needless to say we left him behind.

We always get a little nervous about doing our 1st lockage after not doing them for 5 or 6 months. This one (Aberdeen Lock) was our first lock after leaving Columbus Marina and wouldn't you know they made us lock thru with a tow. Very unnerving!!!

Old Railroad Bridge On the Tenn-Tom

The 2nd lock for the day (Amory Lock) had a tow just coming out of the chamber luck seemed to be on our side - these locks can make or break your plan (thats why there is always plan B).

These water plants are everywhere sometimes floating together like a small barge.

We are now approaching Midway Marina about 6:30 pm - both Wilkins Lock and Fulton Lock had no activity so looks like we will make it!!

Cypress Trees & Knees

It's been a good day - Broulee docked at Midway Marina before dark!

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