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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ok then - lets review some of the projects completed this winter on Broulee. 1st it was necessary to ready the boat for Izzy. Netting was installed to help keep her on the boat - so far so good.

Cap rail covers also became a necessity because of her constant need to checkout people, other dogs, noises in the water and just about everything going on.

Then we had this old speaker box on the back deck which we forgot to remove when the super structure was repainted so Rick converted it into a storage bin for the propane bottles needed for our gas grill - two bottles fit perfectly.

The captain also decided it would be nice to have a freshwater washdown on the bow - so he killed three birds with one stone and installed a freshwater spigot a check valve and also a water pressure regulator - nice job on replacing all that old cheap plastic plumbing!

We also have discussed for quite some time the possibility of getting a new bigger dinghy - but in order to do so the stands to support the dinghy would have to be relocated to the aft of the flybridge instead of on the port side where they were. Rick drew up some plans - and located a welder to do the job. Twenty some new holes in the boat deck later (that's always scary) the dinghy has been relocated. Decided to raise it up so we can see you crazy Carver's coming up behind us.

Of course, projects come with some downsides - there is the need to turn the pilot house into a workshop and hardhat area and no girls allowed.

And these people are going to probably go out of business once we leave.

Well we hired batman to go into the murky waters under our boat to scrape the barnacles off and to cut loose the tentacle's that seem to have us stuck in this slip for the last two months and we hope to head out possibly Saturday or Sunday.

Not looking good for Saturday - 45 mph winds - guess we will hope for Sunday.

Sunday not looking good either - rain and thunderstorms.

Well one goodthing has come out of weather delay - we found the pilot house. Keeping our fingers crossed for Monday.

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