-E.B. White

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CULTURE SHOCK - arriving at Port Everglades on a warm Saturday afternoon was probably not such a good idea.  Our crossing from Bimini was good and how quickly we forget about boating on a weekend in Florida - especially on the ICW.  It certainly was like a "dodge um" game coming into the entrance  at Port Everglades and then you throw children in tiny sailboats, sportsfish, kayaks, go fast boats, 7 cruise ships and jetski's into the mix - your head starts spinning.  Not to mention the VHF radio screaming at you -  "radio check", "Tow Boat U.S.", "This is the Coast Guard - what is the nature of your emergency?" - we wanted to turn around and head back to the Bahamas.  We managed to stay focused and safely made it to an anchorage at Lake Sylvia (jam packed with weekend boaters) just north of Ft. Lauderdale.  We dinghyed over to a marina nearby, hailed a taxi to Customs & Immigrations, cleared in to the U.S. and back to the boats for our #1 priority - reactivating our cell phones!
Broulee coming home after 2 1/2 months in the Bahamas.
Photo courtesy of Big Run

Welcoming committee!
Small children on tiny sailboats - not a good mix in the entrance.
Port Everglades - Florida's deepest harbour.
Back in the land of Giants
YES!! I have missed you soooo much!
Sunday morning we got an early start, passing thru Port Everglades again, heading south.  Much quieter at this hour of the day.
Spotted this mega yacht along the way - it's name was Tatoosh - owner Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. But then this is his little boat (303 feet) his bigger boat - listed at 416 feet is ranked 26th largest in the world.
Check out the vessel she carries on her starboard side.
and this little number on her port side - nice!

Joni, I found this little house for sale - interested?
By noon on Sunday - we were back in the thick of things.  Time to pull off and anchor - it's getting crazy out here.

Monday morning - a quiet run down to Miami.
Leaving Belle Isle anchorage  - with a view of Miami in the background.  A sad day for us for two reasons - we had planned to spend one more day with Big Run touring South Beach, but we were booted out of our anchorage by the police.  We are still confused as to what happened exactly, but, something about permits required for anchoring in the area - so anchors up -  Big Run relocated to another anchorage nearby and Broulee headed to No Name Harbour to prepare for our company arriving next week. Bob & Sharon have been great traveling buddies and we will miss them alot.  Safe travels, Big Run, and look forward to the next time we meet. 

Passing Flagler Monument Island - a tribute to Henry Flagler a Miami pioneer.

The four people on the monument represent, Industry, Education, Pioneer & Prosperity
Industry is a man in a Roman toga who stands facing North holding a scroll and a small building.
Education is a female figure facing due east wearing a dress and a cape.  She holds a pile of books and reaches out with her lefthand in a welcome sign.
Pioneer is a statue of a sailor and faces due South, shielding his eyes from the sun.  He holds a shovel and sits on a plant.
Prosperity is a female figure in a long dress with a tiara on her head.  She holds a cornucopia and a purse clutched to her chest and her right hand reaches to the west.


  1. Welcome home to the land of the free... water, anyway.

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