-E.B. White

Thursday, February 23, 2012

PROJECTS CONTINUE, but, thought we would take a break to talk about other things.  Just want to post a few pics about this beautiful place, Ft. Myers.  Most mornings we do a four mile walk along McGregor Blvd. passing  the beautiful homes and grounds of the Ford & Edison Estates (a favorite tourist attraction here).  The flowers are just starting to peak along the walk - Bougainvillea is having a very good year and because we are from the north we don't get to enjoy many of the flowers we see here and unfortunately, we do not know their names either.  The following pics are from our morning walks.
Beautiful Bougainvillea hedges.

Thousands of palms line McGregor Blvd. - the nickname for Ft. Myers is City of Palms - streets and sidewalks are always kept very clean. It's a groundskeepers dream or perhaps nightmare.
Henry Ford/Thomas Edison's Winter homes on the Caloosahatchee River
Purple Bougainvillea on the Ford/Edison grounds.
Philodendron growing around a tree. I love it!
Pretty Pink tree - sorry don't know name.

 nor do we know the name of this red flowered tree.
It's like walking in a botanical garden and it's free.

Izzy's new favorite birds to chase - what happened to my pheasants?

Plant update - we are now up to two.
Well, technically we have three - but this one really doesn't count - does it? We brought it along with us from home - I thought it would satisfy our need to have plants on board - guess I was wrong.
All Izzy wants to know is when are we going to play ball?

After a full day of walking, playing ball, boat projects and docktails, Izzy and Mom usually fall asleep watching TV ( Ok, in our defense - Jeopardy doesn't even come on until 7:30 and the news is not on until 11:00 - we are Central time zone people).  We often awake wondering why we have a crick in our neck/ear. 


This past weekend was the Edison Festival of Lights Parade.  Although disappointed in the parade (they need to take a lesson from the Holidazzle parade in Minneapolis) the fireworks were incredible (See above video).  Fireworks always bring out the kid in me, also dolphins playing in our bow wake and oh, yes, puppies - you need to check out Istaboa Waypoints new puppy, Muddy Waters.  Welcome Muddy!

Updates on boat projects to follow. 


  1. I love it! You guys need to take more photos and post more often. Great pics!

  2. Very nice pics... Ft Myers is such a nice town. Especially that area. May move there next year. We have one of your exiles over here now. Broke and Drunk has tied up tight. Doesn't look like he's going back.