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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still hanging in here.

Although Sandy had us a little nervous it turns out Broulee did just fine.  The day before her winds and rain hit Norfolk we were lucky to hear, via e-mail, from a fellow Krogonite. They were tied to the face dock at AYB and things appeared to be just fine.  They did report that water had been let out of the river leaving about six inches under their keel all in anticipation of flooding.  After the worst had passed, the crew of Tapestry (Krogen 58ft), hiked to Shed #1 where Broulee is housed and checked her lines and fenders - all looked good.  Very happy to have dodged that bullet.  Garrison, New York (where Rick's sister lives) was spared as well.  However, a 200 year old spruce went down across their driveway and managed to rip the power lines down in the process - they are anticipating 10 days to two weeks without power.  Our prayers go out to all who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

So I am sure you are all hanging on wondering what our decision was for our fruit trees we had considered letting go this year.  Well the two smaller ones ended up back in the green house, but the big orange tree had a last minute stay of execution. Rick had called our local Horticultural Society and let them know we had a tree to offer, they said they would put the word out. In the11th hour (we were heading into a deep freeze the following evening) we received a call from a non profit organization that would be happy to take it off our hands - that is,  if we could deliver.

The day of the predicted frost/freeze warning we loaded her up and hoped she would survive the 15 or so mile trip to downtown Minneapolis.

  We planned our route via the back roads - a normal trip to Minneapolis might be about 20-30 minutes via the freeway - however, 40 MPH will probably be our max speed - hopefully we will not leave a trail of oranges along the way.

She lost a few oranges, but looks like it survived the trip.

Her new home is a company called Interact - a non profit organization that works with people with disabilities - open in Minneapolis since 1996 they have about 125 people ranging from age 22 to 94.
Taken from their website:

"Since 1996, Interact's mission has been to create art that challenges perceptions of disability and has opened doors for artists with disabilities and audiences eager to experience their work who might never have seen the arts as a life choice, but who now see the arts as essential to their humanity.  With over 125 artists working in theater and/or studio arts, Interact embraces the entire spectrum of disability labels."

We think she will like it here!  We have been invited to visit anytime and also to be special guests at their annual Christmas Theater Production.

Our pontoon has been hauled and winterized weeks ago, but on our last 70 degree evening of this year, our neighbors (the procrastinators) invited us out for one last pontoon boat ride for season 2012.

A beautiful fall sunset on Bald Eagle Lake

On a pontoon - out here in the open - party in slow motion -mmmmm  motorboatin! 
"Little Big Town" 


Last week, on the boulevard in front of our house, we had a "situation".  Two mature bald eagles became entwined in each other's talons mid-air and eventually tired and landed on the road (they are laying in front of the black SUV near the curb).  We were able to get the street blocked off with our vehicles, and then waited for our local raptor center people to arrive to try and separate them.  The entire ordeal played out over a 90 minute time frame.

Very hard to watch these two beautiful national treasurers struggling on the side of the road and not sure what to do other than call authorities.  The good news is they were able to get them separated and they flew off over the lake - there was some concern over one of the birds legs, but hoping for the best.

Video from our local paper:

After the "authorities left - the bystanders looked at each other and said - "we could have done that!"   Well 

maybe if Rick had been here, we would have known what to do.

  Happy (belated) Halloween

A cute dog costume.

Our grandkids (Creeper and Steve) aka Cooper and Georgia -  heading out for trick or treat.
You need to be into Minecraft to understand what this is all about - we are trying - take us to your leader!.

Temps are starting to drop - highs in the 50's - crazy coots in the bay on Platte Lake - rafting up for their venture south.  

Our son Brad and his annual fishing trip to Lake of the Woods.  
30-35 lb. Muskie - 47" long, caught on the Canadian side of the lake near Morson, Ontario.
Way to go B!

Izzy and Mr. Bill.  She fell in love with this toy at her cousins in New York.  We bought one for her birthday 
(her sister got one too) - Ohhhh, Nooooo - what were we thinking?????

Raking continues - waiting for the last of the leaves to drop - Pheasant hunting is coming up next - stay tuned.

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  1. Nice post... looks like you two continue to have fun.

  2. Amazing pics, especially of the eagles! Good job.