-E.B. White

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Outdoor projects begin

Yup it's hot here.  Went from temps in the mid 60's to 90 degrees for the past three days.  So outdoor projects have now begun - Friday a front will be pushing thru and returning temps to their normal spring like comfortable sleeping weather(high 60's to mid 70's and 40-50 at night).

The never ending varnishing has now begun. Stopped last year with maybe 8-9 coats. Will still need to add several more.

And once again the cockpit has become a dangerous "construction zone". Remember this project - we brought it back to Minnesota last fall (it's the cover seat to the front bench/storage.  It was completely rotted underneath and is now getting a new underbelly. Could not complete it in Minnesota due to "out of square" pieces and no way to confirm what was reality on the boat. So,... brought it back partially ready for fitting.

Here the "top" side with all caulking removed and applying some epoxy filler after securing a new back board. See next picture.

 Measuring, cutting, epoxy gluing, temporarily screwing  the new treated plywood backing board.  

Here's the new treated backer board with epoxy setting up. This will be sanded and epoxy/multi-part painted in lieu of the laminate over plywood used before.

  Unfortunately - these kind of projects grow.  The adjacent hatch to the one being worked on (above) and over our stateroom (guess it hasn't been opened for a few years) is going to require the same TLC. Now how'd the water get into the plywood core?
What appeared to be fine on top was completely rotted underneath -

We may be here all summer - NOT!!

Boats are now starting to come north in droves.  But a few nights ago "something wicked" came south thru the bridge - I'm sure during the day it would have been fine, but at night an eerie, not so friendly looking structure. It's an assortment of dredge barges, tug in the lead, pumping barge and work barge/station following.

Fun and interesting stuff heading north. Guessing it's a  Romsdahl, canoe stern, North Sea trawler . Got'a love it, if it wasn't wood hull!

Not guessing on this one! But looks roomy.

Most nights we are lucky to have this sunset view, but some nights.....

the sunset is blocked.  A 64 ft Nordhaven blocking out the daylight. Nice boat.  Luckily they didn't stay long.

But the boats come and go - meeting lots of new people and running into some people we have met before - crazy and wonderful this life style.


  1. Ha! I have a pic of the same brown catamaran that we took on our way south over a year ago. Definitely a distinctive boat.

    Ya know, you can take my attitude and put off those boat projects until you get to the Florida Keys... and then never get to the Florida Keys. :)

  2. I hope you said hello to George & Sharon on Southern Grace, met them at Plain Bay and again at Salt Pond. Funny story how we met, will tell you over happy hour sometime, hopefully soon!

    Bob & Sharon