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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I think we got the Disney experience out of our system - it wasn't really on our bucket list, but turned out to be a lot of fun.  I had been there several times back in the 80's, but Rick had never been.  We opted for the one day pass and added the hopper option which allows you to jump around between the four parks. 

It was looking to be a gorgeous day - so off we went to meet up with friends, Wayne and Carol at Hollywood Studios.

The first characters to greet us where that adorable twosome Donald & Daisy

Daisy was busy working the crowd signing autographs - she's a very popular girl. 

Goofy just hanging around.

And, of course, Mickey giving us a big" hey thanks for coming" wave.

Carol and I were definitely NOT doing the Tower of Terror - but we did.  Turns out we got talked into doing several rides that we should of not agreed to go on.

Wayne and Carol were on a three day pass so after Rick and I saw as much as we wanted to see at Hollywood Studios we hopped over to Epcot.  

And, once again, talked into a couple of rides that they claim four year olds can handle - really?

And, of course, in London we ran into Ms. Mary Poppins and a couple of her fans.

The town they selected to represent Germany turns out to be the town I spent a year and a half of my life hanging around in during the early 70's - I can guarantee you I never paid $12.00 for a beer while living there - not even for a boot of beer.

Complete with the Wurzburg Castle on the hill and a line for those $12.00 beers.

So after we toured the rest of the countries and had our fill of Epcot, we hopped on the Monorail, jumped onto the paddle boat and landed at the Magic Kingdom just in time for their fireworks display.

Got to admit - it was spectacular.

And then Jiminy Cricket sings "When you Wish Upon a Star"and you are, once again reminded,  that "Dreams can come true".

I am a sucker for fireworks - so it was a race back to the Monorail and  a sprint thru Epcot to see their fireworks show.

It was all magical.

In project news - the TV cabinet is done and the teak, stain and varnish make it a perfect match to the existing cabinets.  Gotta say, Rick, you have out done yourself on this one.

Oh, yes, forgot to tell you - after ripping out the birch ply, the teak ply we installed turned out to be way too dark to get a stain to match and an aggressive dark vertical wood grain did not match the existing at all- we were suspicious during installation, but...  So, again back to the drawing board.  We had some teak veneer that we had originally planned on using but thought it would be too much work.  Hah!  So in the end that is what we did - glued the veneer over the teak ply we had just installed and the wood grain, stain and varnish worked.  Exact match, grain and color! Seems the third time is the charm.

With that project checked off the list we decided to join Wayne & Carol for their last day at Disney and do the Magic Kingdom.

The Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin  - let the games begin. 
Yikes Rick looks determined to win this

We did it all and enjoyed the day.  We didn't stay for another
 round of fireworks, but we did stay for the Celebration Parade.

The parade turned into a dance party in the street - 

Even Woody was busting a move.

  And my girl Jessie kicking up her heels.

They really make it happen here - you do feel the magic.
We were lucky to be here before the spring break starts. Crowds were down and the lines for the rides were manageable, but those double wide strollers are a challenge to deal with.  Like I said, Been There, Done That - Back to Broulee projects.

Perfect ending to a perfect day.  

Son Brad surprised us with a quick visit this past weekend.  He was in the Ft. Lauderdale area for a press check (which got delayed) so he decided to drive up and spend a night on Broulee.  We were very happy to see him - especially Izzy.  

Catching up on work related emails - at his "Florida Office".

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