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Sunday, December 6, 2015


Our normal modus operandi is to not spend year after year in Marinas, we like to wander, but the project we had planned for last year was put on the back burner due to the fuel tank repair.  So, once again, we are at Marco Island Marina - it's very nice here and a much needed carpentry workshop is close by.  Details on project to follow.

Got to River Forest on November 13th, in spite of our request to not splash the boat until we got there to inspect the bottom and cold galvanize the prop, she was in the water when we arrived, grrrr.  They graciously hauled her back out the following day and the Captain was able to satisfy his worried brain and spray the prop.

As, always, it's good to be back on the boat.

Happy hour on the back deck - enjoying the storm clouds that skirted us.

 Izzy and Lamb Chop taking a nap.  
Looks like we are all SETTLING IN.

We had a good run down to Marco, anchoring at Glover Bight then a run on the outside down to Marco River.

Bait shop enroute to the Gulf - look closely on upper deck at all the beach babes - wow, it's 7:00 in the morning, looks like those girls have been up all night, or many nights?

Coming thru the Marco River passing The Snook Inn - a favorite for the tourists - early in the season, so not many tourists.

Enjoying Thanksgiving with friends from Minnesota.  Thank you Jane and Dean - seated on left, Dick (Robbies Dad) myself and Rick and Doug, our good friend aka Robbies pain in the ass.  Robbie was stuck up north taking care of grandkids, missed you big time.

Friday we all took the shuttle from Lover's Key to Ft. Myers Beach to checkout the Sand Sculpting Championship.  
Here's a few of our favorites

All of it was amazing - great time with good friends.

Just before leaving Minnesota, Izzy broke a molar and we knew it had to be extracted.  Decided to have it done with her favorite vet, Lisa Newman at Bayshore Animal Clinic in North Ft. Myers. 

Picture of Izzy upon arrival back on Broulee after surgery.
"Where am I and Who are you people?"
P.S.  She's doing great!

Sunday we headed to Stans to show friend Doug what it's all about - quiet crowd, but still Stans

Two good friends and a bucket of Yuengling at Stans - couldn't get any better.

Last night was our Lighted Boat Parade - one of the entries from our Marina.  
Just a couple to follow - you really needed to be there to get the whole ambiance. And, of course, wine helps.

So I think we are doing ok, and, again the reason we are settling in here...

the helm rebuild project.  Prototype #1.  As I type this, it's already morphing into something else.  Updates to follow.

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  1. Hey Guys....Yuengling is my home brew, our Penna. home was 30 minutes from the brewery, hoped you enjoyed it. Good luck with the new helm, looks to be quite a challenge, but then you both are up to a good challenge. Hi Izzy!