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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

In the morning we took a dinghy ride into the town of Tyrell Bay in hopes of finding some fresh vegetables at the store. Not much to speak of here, but this is a better anchorage then at Hillsborough (right around the bend) where we need to go to check out of Grenada. The picture below this caption is the Wee Bar and the next picture is of local fishermen making a fishnet. We plan to check out of Grenada at Hillsborough, move to Petite Martinque (Part of Grenada) and Petite St. Vincent (Part of the Grenadines). The customs people from both countries allow you to dally a few days on these two small close together islands prior to checking into the Grenadines or visa versa.

We love the fun colors the locals paint their boats. This one is from Arawak Divers.

Leaving Tyrell Bay in the morning we discovered that the sailing vessel Picton Castle had snuck into the harbour during the night. Not sure what it is all about, but we assume it is a small cruise ship. We have seen it several times along the route.

The town of Hillsborough, Carriacou - we cleared out of Grenada - checked, again, for fresh vegetables - no luck and on to the Petites for clear blue water. All these towns are starting to look alot alike.

We are passing Sandy Island (good name for it don't you think?) with a view of Union Island, The Grenadines in the background. We are enroute to the Petites.

We decided to anchor at Petit St. Vincent because too many commercial fishermen anchored at Petite Martinque just across the bay. Look at this clear blue water you can even see Broulee's stabilizer fin! It doesn't get much better than this.

The Captain was the first one in the water under the guise he needed to check to see if the anchor set, but 1st Mate/galley wench was not far behind. The water feels like silk on your skin.

Within minutes of anchoring, boat boys showed up, offering fresh fish, fresh vegetables (thank goodness) and fresh lobster. We negotiated a price for two lobsters (somewhat pricey) and enjoyed them for dinner - THEY WERE TASTY!

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  1. I'm waiting for updates!!!!! Have a great trip. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Fort Meyers.