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Monday, January 8, 2007

Broulee anchored in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou (pronounced Carry-A-Cou). This island is part of Grenada. The guide book says this is an Island with over a hundred rum shops and only one gas station. Works for us!

Hmm, There's got to be a way to get to that beach.

Within seconds of anchoring, boat boy John Roberts approached our boat selling oysters. Rick and Wayne decided it would be worth a try. Turned out they were oysters growing on the mangroves, razor thin and tasted not unlike the mud from which they came. If you put enough lime juice(also for sale and yellow) on them they were edible. He also opened them for us (where has that knife been?) and asked for a plate to arrange them on.

Sunset At Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Broulee traveling from Grenada to Carriacou

Kick'em Jenny (the big rock) has the reputation of kicking up a nasty sea as you go north. There is also an active volcano just 2 miles west of here called Kick'em Jenny. It erupted in 1988 and 1989 an you will certainly get a big kick if you happen to be on top when it erupts. To prevent this the Grenada government has declared a 1.5km exclusion zone around the volcano at all times and a 5km when the volcano is rumbling.

St. George's University and Medical School where in 1983 the U.S. along with Grenada's eastern Caribbean neighbors (the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) launched a "rescue mission" of 20 students from the U.S. during a Military Intervention.
Leaving True Blue Bay In Grenada - nice place to visit and hang for awhile.

Last sunset before leaving True Blue Bay. I'm sure everyone is surprised it took me this long to post a sunset picture. This is the first of many more to come.
One more visit to the Carenage before leaving and of course visit to Island Water World (marine store) and lunch at a restaurant overlooking the bay.

Hi everyone. This is me happy because I don't have to figure out what to fix for lunch today (and maybe because I just had a rum punch or two).

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