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Monday, February 7, 2011

LET'S SEE, WHERE DID WE LEAVE OFF? - Oh, yes, Patiently waiting for a part. We are now into the 2nd description of patience, i.e., calmly tolerating delay, confusion, etc.  It seems there was some confusion as to who was paying for our little part to be shipped, so it sat in the Watermakers Air terminal for several days before finally arriving at Staniel Cay.  We, however, grew tired of the game so we decided to head back over to Great Guana Cay and do a little bit of snorkeling at Hetties Land and try to remember "it is the islands mon" and "every little ting is gonna be alright".  We were assured by Watermakers Air that the part would be in on the next afternoon flight - so on their word we motored back to Staniel Cay for the 3:30 flight the next day.  Are you sure our part is not on that plane?????  After several more phone conversations we found out that the girl who "assured" us our part would be on the plane was off work that day, and oops, the part did not make the plane.  That's it - we are going to the Little Farmers Cay Festival held on the First Friday in February and we will show Watermakers Air we don't care when the flipping part arrives (well we do, but, don't tell them). We are now back in Staniel Cay for the Super Bowl, the 5 F festival was a riot, we've got our part, the Packers beat the Steelers, and, yes, "every little ting is gonna be alright".

Snorkeling at Hetties Land - White Point, Great Guana Cay (still trying to figure out the underwater camera)

We actually were looking for lobster, but no luck today.

Moving on to the Little Farmers Cay First Friday in February Festival - we think it originally was a family reunion of sorts for locals who have moved off the island to return for a weekend of festivities, including a sailing regatta, contests, food, drink and lots of music.  It's listed in our cruising guides, so I guess we are invited.  

 The C-Sloops having to manuever around all the boats in the anchorage.

Now on to the craziness!

After the race we walked to town and found the bar, the restaurant and the best male legs and butt contest.

Great Conch Fritters and lobster for lunch - Bob on Big Run, Joe on Short Walk, Michael on Second Star and Gerry on Monks Vineyard (not pictured) have all just been hustled by a woman from Ocean Cabin Restaurant and Bar to enter the Mens Best Legs & Bum Contest.  Drink up Mateys - the fun is about to begin!

The line up - getting their mojo on.

Brooklyn - are you kidding me?

It was a close tie between Bob on Big Run and Michael on Second Star, both Krogenites - but Michael was declared the winner and then the rum shots started flowing.

It's amazing how many friends you can make when you are carrying around a bottle of rum.  Michael, Rick Jana (Michael's better half) and Sharon & Bob. 

This little guy won all of our hearts - his name was Nathan and he was in love with my digital camera. 
Gerry & Linda - photo courtesy of Nathan

Rick & Sharon - photo courtesy of Nathan

We (meaning Rick & I) did miss the rest of the festivities for the day -hermit crab racing, butt darts (involving quarters being carried in your butt) and the music jam session at the yacht club - Izzy needed to be pumped out and fed and then the pillow was calling our names  - just a five minute nap - I promise.  Saturday became more of local event - and all the crazy boater stuff calmed down - thank goodness. 

Exuma Marching Band

Yah Mon!

P.S.  Thanks Kim & Jim for following the blog - next time we will wait a couple of days after posting our patiently waiting for parts to see if you might have a spare.

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  1. Got a feelin you guys have moved on to more exotic places... Hope all is well and you're havin fun.