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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CURRENTLY IN STANIEL CAY, PATIENTLY WAITING FOR PARTS!!!!    Webster's dictionary defines Paitently as 1. enduring pain, trouble, etc, without complaining.  2. calmly tolerating delay, confusion, etc.  We certainly are being put to the test.  We arrived here, Sunday the 30th of Jan. hoping to find a prop for the dinghy and to wait for the arrival of a replacement part for our new wi-fi antenna (the original one shipped to us was incorrect).  Berkie Rolle's Isles General Store sells basic marine supplies so Rick dinghyed over for a visit - hoping the replacement prop we needed might be in stock - lucky for us - it was, however, at double the price it would have been in the states.  The alternative would have been to ship one in from the states - and then we would be PATIENTLY WAITING FOR PARTS, again.  While waiting, we have toured the island, visited the swimming pigs and had a Kalik or two at the Yacht Club.  There are two small groceries, Burke Smith's Blue Store and Hugh Smith's Pink Pearl Store (were Deb paid $6.85 for a half gallon of milk).  There is also a "Bread" house, St. Luke's Clinic (Deb had sutures removed here a few weeks ago) and lots of beautiful cottages to rent.  Then there is the Thunderball grotto - site of a number of underewater scenes from two James Bond films, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.  Don't get us wrong - we are not complaining - just getting itchy to see more stuff. 

   De plane, de plane - Watermakers Air flys in twice a day (on most days) and we are hoping that our small 1 lb. package made it today.

This obviously is the Blue Store
and, this would be the Pink Pearl store.
The nummy Bread House
The clinic where Deb's stitches removed by Nurse Karen.
Some of the cute cottages for rent.

One of the anchorages here is called Big Majors Spot and is well known for its swimming pigs.  The pigs are placed here every year by the Bahamians on nearby Staniel Cay and are fed leftovers by cruisers.  We spent a couple of days here - enjoy!
As soon as they see a dinghy heading to shore they start swimming towards you.
They advise you to not feed the pigs from your hand, however, because they do bite - a little bit intimidating - Rick tossed the celery and lettuce right at this poor guys head.
We felt sorry for the baby pigs they are not swimming yet - Rick went to shore and gave them some food.
Oh, Oh - looks like we started something.

Izzy had lots of walks and water time while here - so she's a happy girl.

Izzy loves the beach and swimming, but she hates what happens when she gets back to the boat so she tries to hide from us - come on Izzy
Shower time!


  1. I love your blog! Wonderful photos of the swimming pigs and the Cay. Keep up the great work on the blog. It's great to follow your story. I hope the part comes in soon!

    Following your updates from Trawler Blogs

  2. Any luck with the parts?