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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking a Break & Happy Memorial Day

bI have been complaining alot lately (to my family) about constantly being under a state of construction  - not only at our home, but  now, again, on the boat.  For those of you who do not know my husband Rick, he is a type A personality and he is not complete unless he is busy doing something mostly construction or landscape related.   My sister told me to stop complaining - "look on the bright side, all of those construction projects have gotten you a beautiful home and boat!!"  Ok, I will stop whining - for now anyway.    

I forgot to tell you in the midst of all the hole cutting the other day, our crapper took a crap - something about the duckbills?  I don't understand all the details, but I do know that parts were needed, kah-ching and the holey place in the stateroom floor was open for several hours.  What a guy - he even smiles while working in the area where the crap flows. On a side note,  I don't feed him much, that way he can fit into these tight spots.

This is the before picture of the next area to go under the saw blade. 

To remove everything and get the hole cut took all day - very frustratingt for the worker bee .   That little round hole is where our new outside faucet will go.  

Can't believe it, but during our morning coffee Saturday morning, Rick announced it would be a good day to take a break and go to the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Yeah!! 

So off, we went - we love gardens, sorry to bore you with these, but here goes - get ready to de-stress.

  Entrance to the gardens.  

Hey what a great idea for our grandkids outgrown rain boots! 

Couple of nice Bonsai specimens  - and more from the Japanese Garden.....

Wow, he's actually relaxing! He's probably figuring out in his head how to design a garden like this back home - it never ends.

The Hydrangea Garden - my favorite.

Before heading to the Rose Garden we caught sight of these two

A pair of Bald Eagles - at times like this I wish I was lugging along my big camera, a 35 MM  Digital SLR with it's telephoto lens - I've gotten lazy - it's alot to deal with, but would have been worth it for this shot.  My little Panasonic Lumix normally handles most shots and better yet, it fits in my purse.   
Lighting was better on this one.

Rose Garden Pics

Orange & Lemon Rose. 

Taking Time to smell the roses.

Purple Iris

I could not resist this Magnolia flower.
This guy/gal showed up on our window screen the other day.  Rick thinks it's a dragonfly - I googled it and could not figure out what it is. Can't believe the flag signaling kit it carries with it. 

The traffic heading north has slowed down - could be because of the holiday weekend.  Sunday morning, new friends that we met at the marina, headed north in their newly purchased Krogen 58 (formerly Sea Fox)   named Seamantha.  She's a beauty!  Safe Travels, John & Paulette.

The only other exciting boat moving thru here today was a 1939 Trumpy - Enticer.

 A Big Hello from Izzy. (That is sun on her face - she is not turning brown).

Construction projects are nearing completion, the end is in sight. At least until the next project.

Happy Memorial Day - one of my favorite Memorial Day quotes is from Joseph Campell - "A Hero Is Someone Who Has Given His or Her Life  to Something Bigger than Oneself."

Please Honor our Heroes

On this day our special shout out goes to our Niece Major Erin Eike and her husband Major Loren Todd, thank you both for your commitment to this country.


  1. Hmm I can't wait to see my rose garden at home. 18 months away ugh. I believe that 1st pic of the single rose may have been flutterbye one of my favorites.

  2. loved the photo of the 'dragon fly'. That little camera takes great photos!

  3. For a point and shoot, you took some mighty nice photos!