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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Warning - Construction Zone Ahead

During the two week trip north from Stuart, FL in April this year, we were experiencing extreme high temps in the engine room.  We have always had somewhat of a high temp problem and it has always been one of those frustrating problems for Rick.  This last run was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.  After 11 years of cruising he decided it needed to be addressed ( Rick's quote "slow learning"?). Rick made a call to and had several conversations with Tom Button (Vice president of Operations/Stuart, Kadey-Krogen). From that he learned they are using Delta T Systems, Riviera Beach, FL equipment (fans, vents, etc). Tom further advised which fans were being installed into the 44's. A call to Delta T and some calculations later (Rick's comment: Eric at Delta T is great to work with.) determined the engine room was significantly under ventilated. Rick's take on this: When the 42's went to wide-bodies (which is the model we have), the port side vent was eliminated, at least on Broulee. A small vent was installed through the cockpit, but was undersized. Broulee's vents were 4 X 6 inches from the cockpit and a 4 inch round vent from the starboard side with a fan. Together they provided about 32 square inches with the fan producing 300 cfm. Delta T calculations said there should be 2 vents of 144 sq in. (288 sq in total) and 2 fans of 700 cfm (1400 total) plus 300 cfm for the engine! So, 32 sq in currently vs 288 required and 300 cfm currently vs 1000 required. Maybe we understand why the engine room gets warm/hot and why the engine tends to leave soot on the hull (not enough combustion air). Now an aside: Back in 2003 Rick realized there should be more air into and out of the engine room so installed two 320 cfm, 220 volt fans, one blowing in and one out. The soot and temps came down a bit and another passive 10 x 5 vent opening was cut. A little more improvement. Again Rick's comment: Guess I'm sneaking up on what should be there. Ok, so long past time to take on this project! Here goes;
Cockpit becomes the workshop, again.

Old 4 inch vent with a new larger cut out (12 in x 12 in).

12 x 12 vent opening on starboard side. Gotta love cutting bigger holes in a boat!

Inside of the boat - new air intake to be installed behind the trash bin cabinet (the old 4 inch was here).  Rick has promised that the trash bin will fit back in here.  There had been some discussions  about the possibility of routing the duct work thru the cabinet that the pots and pans are in - NO! Well then maybe take some space under the kitchen sink - NO!  Looks like there was some dead space behind the trash bin that will work - once again, marriage saved.  

New duct work being built, a few wires to be relocated.

Epoxied and painted ductwork

Info on the new super dooper fan.

Lil' Champ fan installed on completed ducting.

New grill on the starboard side. One more to go,

and here's where its going replacing the small 4 x 6 with a 12 x 12 in the cockpit.

Foggy mornings and....

daily thunderstorms, have been the norm here.

Broulee at tje tie along dock on the river - makes for a ringside seat to watch the northern migration of boats.

Got a chuckle out of this cruiser attempting to pass the barge so he could get to the lock first.  Sorry buddy, barges have priority passage everywhere.  

Total of twelve boats passed thru the bridge at the 1:00 opening.  These three brought up the rear.  Popular transiting time is 8:00 opening thru 2:00 opening.  Still seeing 60 to 75 a day heading north. 

The bridge at Great Bridge.  The Battle of Great Bridge was fought here on December 9, 1775.  Lots of history in this here parts, another google moment.

Liberty from Boothbay, Maine pulled into the dock for FUEL.  I would guess so - at 25mph cruising speed. It's a marina to marina lifestyle.    

80 feet and launched in1996 - she's a beauty.

Built by Hodgdon Yachts  - next pic is another one of their beauties.

Now more stuff heading north.

Grumpy I am guessing only because of fuel prices, or, because they really wanted a bigger boat!

Just to add some fun to the day - the Nina and Pinta showed up. We waited for Santa Maria. Maybe she hit a reef. Google it kids.

Amazing for us northerners - the Magnolia tree.  It just doesn't get any better.   
Mature and newbie.

It is a beautiful day - enjoy!


  1. Great photos! What type of camera do you use?

  2. Man, you guys don't stop. What did you do before retirement?
    What an interesting boat Liberty is. Never seen one quite like that. Wonder how that stern does in a following sea.
    Plans have fizzled... Not sure what we're doing, but heading to Istaboa tomorrow.
    Stay safe and don't work so hard... you make me look bad.