-E.B. White

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plugging along.

After leaving Norfolk, I mentioned before, it was a pretty bumpy ride.  We made it as far as Back River and decided we couldn't take it anymore.  Izzy does not do well in rough seas and neither do I, and you know it's bad if the Captain says he can't take it anymore.  

Sunset at Back River anchorage - still a little rolly - so we deployed one of the at anchor flopper stoppers - we all slept good.
Leaving Back River - early Sunday morning - the river was filled with many of these duck blinds.  Our destination today is Solomons, Maryland and hoping the weather guys are not lying again today.  A blow is forecasted for the next two days so we are looking for a good hidey-hole.

Point No Point Lighthouse

Nice sailing day on the Patuxent River

The bay was kind to us - weather people got it right, finally. We did 85 miles today -  Broulee anchored at Solomons Island.  We rapidly got the dinghy down and headed our wobbly legs to land. Solomons Island is at the mouth of the Patuxent River and is one of the most popular cruising stops in the Chesapeake Bay.  The cruising guide says, a must see is the Calvert Marine Museum - so that's just what we did.

Now some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Drum Point Lighthouse

The Drum  Point Lighthouse- one of the few remaining cottage style, screwpile lighthouses.  

The dinning room.

  The Bedroom.

The kitchen.

On the second floor was the bell ringer machine and another bedroom.

3rd floor was the lens - incredible.

On to the museum.

Ok, so this is their big draw - the Ultimate Shark dating from the Miocene Spoch period (dating from 10 to 20 million years ago).

I tried to see it - but just couldn't  - I think I see the neck but, as my friends and family know - I need a picture drawn.

    and prehestoric bird fossils on display.

Again, their big display the Ultima Shark - a replica of the giant extinct Miocene white shark, whose skeleton gaping jaws make the great whites of today look like dogfish.

"Jimmy" a male blue crab

and this cute little seahorse

Oh, my gosh - comb jellyfish straight out of Star Wars - their vertebrae light up in the dark.

Cool -  old boat motors - there were at least 20 dating back to the early years..

and boats built on in southern Maryland - Cruis Along

This is a 1956 version - also represented in an I Love Lucy espisode. 

How cool - a sundog.  Good day!

and morning walk - cool car.

Sunrise leaving Solomons

Leaving a beautiful anchorage. Always hoping for a good day on the bay.


  1. Good stuff... Wish we were doing that trip. Your pictures and narratives are very helpful so please keep it up. I will use you as my cruising guide for next year.
    Have fun!!