-E.B. White

Saturday, June 9, 2012

So this cruising thing - some days are good and some days are not so good.

 The rest of the run up the Chesapeake was great - anchoring at the end of the day just short of the C & D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal) at Piney Creek Cove on the Elk River. The next day we were up early for the 14 mile trip thru the canal that connects the Chesapeake to the Delaware River and then eventually into the wide expanse of Delaware Bay.  Delaware River and Bay are one of the busiest commercial ports on the east coast and there is a steady stream of ships and tug-and-barge units running up and down, which means lots of big wakes to look out for.  There are few havens available and in bad weather the bay can be downright nasty.  Our destination was Cape May, New Jersey at the southern tip of the bay - everything was good until around 2:00 in the afternoon - we had two more hours to go.  The wind picked up and that combined with strong current made for a miserable two hour ride - somedays it would be nice to have a go-fast boat.  The Cape May canal was a welcome sight!

 Some of the sights on the Chesapeake Bay

 A car hauler.

Schooner A.J. Meerwald - New Jerseys Official Tall Ship

Your turn to get dinner.

Now some things on Delaware Bay

The John Shoal Horn

This was a strange sight for us -  we are more familiar with the Mississippi barge and tow.  The tug out front is connected by cables to the barge and then a tug is in back pushing.  This barge was carrying 250 plus tractor trailers - amazing.

Miah Maull Horn

Things got ugly shortly after this - so no pics.  Poor Izzy - now she starts trembling and panting as soon as  she hears the engine start. Also, when I opened a cabinet to prepare dinner - a bottle of olive oil jumped out and landed on the Ceran cooktop - the bottle won, the cooktop lost. I forgot the number one rule, be careful when you are opening the compartment after you land because items may have moved during flight.

Nothing is moving tomorrow!

A couple of glasses of wine and a protected anchorage at Cape May and all is good, again.

Yesterday, passing Atlantic City.  Shortly after this we saw whales - could not find my camera - damn!

I am having the Captain explain our experience with the Barnegat Inlet - I couldn't even watch.

As fate would have it - our timing was off entering the Barnegat Inlet which sits northwest/southeast- and southeasterly seas around 2 to 4 feet with a southeasterly wind of 10-15 knots were pushing directly against an aggressively out going tide. Discretion would probably have said hang outside for an hour or two while the tide goes slack, but the wind and swells were already rather dicey, so tough it up and head in. The wind waves and sea swells meeting the 3-4 knots rushing ebb tide produced some turbulent 6-8 foot waves and, should we say a harrowing in-bound ride? Hell, it was ugly! And at 3 knots headway speed it was lasting longer than appreciated! And, of course, are you kidding me! A sportfish heads in from behind. Could we make this more challenging? Well, nothings broken so pickup the scattered from the shelves later. Once inside the waters calmed quickly and comfort started to return. Hey, its 5 o'clock. Drop the anchor, pour us a drink!

Barnegat Lighthouse

    Found a nice quiet anchorage next to the fleet.

Like I say, some days are good, some not so good.


  1. We've been down the Delaware on great days and also days you wish you had risen an hour earlier to miss the wind. Great photos! It's always interesting to find out the type of camera being used, is it a DSLR or point and shoot.

  2. It is a Panasonic Lumix model DMZ-ZS1 with a Carl Zeiss lens. Just a point and shoot I bought at Costco for a couple of hundred. I have a DSLR, but lots of work to carry around when traveling. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Understand the ups and downs of cruising. Schedules are our worst enemies.
    We crossed the Gulf Stream yesterday and except for the first couple of hours out of Ft Lauderdale, it was fair seas, not great, but doable. Radar hates the bumps so I tranqed him, Muddy doesn't seem to mind, yet.
    If I put Radar in his Thunder shirt a few hours before taking off it does seem to help. We hate to drug him and don't very often, but when he starts shaking and breathing hard we figure a nice snooze will do him good.

    Really enjoying your blog.