-E.B. White

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"

And that's what we have been doing lately.  Everyday we wake up and it's the "Groundhog Day" movie all over again.  Sunrise, make coffee, anchor up and let's roll - no moss gathering here. Oh, by the way,  Izzy is taking interviews for landlubbing owners.

Backtracking a bit - the famous Montauk Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in New York State.  This is not my pic - we never got close enough to take one.  Also, the next pic is from Block Island -  you never know what prize you might find when you pull up your anchor.

Hooked on the anchor fluke - a barnacle encrusted clamming device.

  On Long Island Sound - we saw the submarine coming towards us so we went wide to his port. However, they were trying to contact the sailboat that was in their path. Just makes us chuckle picturing the sailboats reaction when they finally look out and see the sub coming  towards them.  

Sunrise at Port Jefferson, NY anchorage.  A good  day yesterday on the sound - made a gazillion miles, well  80 plus miles, but on this boat that's a gazillion.  I am at the stage of the trip where I am not keeping very good logs and not taking many pictures -  but will try to find something interesting to post.

Ok, so this one deserves a second post - it is still one of my favorites. Stepping Stones Lighthouse - Long Island Sound.

Timing our ride thru Hell Gate - record breaking 13.6 mph with a continued 10mph ride on the East River. Whisking us swiftly to our anchorage at Sandy Hook, NJ.  Turns out in hindsight - we were lucky to get out of the city.  Harbor control shut down all traffic around the battery because President Obama was in town.

Sunset at Atlantic Highlands anchorage - Sandy Hook, NJ
Next run will be along the Jersey coast to Barnegat -  looks like we will have a few more days of good weather, so making the best of it. 

Barnegat anchorage - sunrise on the fleet.


Anhinga - with it's wings spread out to dry. Lucky us, looks like another good day for travel - so off we go.  Todays travels should get us to Cape May, NJ 

Just after sunset - Cape May, NJ.  It's all calm and quiet now, but a half hour ago a parade of at least 75 sportfish boats passed thru this channel returning from a fishing tournament.  It is a no wake zone, but you know how that goes, some boats feel they are exempt from the rules.

Another, I just don't get it moment.  Sometime in the night this guy showed up and decided he liked our anchoring spot the best. Then I hear all kinds of shouting outside, causing Izzy to start barking in her big, I have to protect the boat bark, and look out to see the Coast Guard performing marching drills just off the back of our boat.

Today is the dreaded run up the Deleware Bay, thru the C & D Canal and onto the Chesapeake.  Much better than our previous Deleware Bay adventure - so I will cut it some slack. It was on my top 10 least favorite crossing list.  Storms hit us just as we were anchoring on the Chesapeake in Veazey Cove on the Bohemia River.  

Beautiful scenery on Deleware Bay.  This is about as good as it gets - not alot to see.

The downside of operating the R.A.I.N. Watermaker - you need to have it in place before the rain starts or else....

this happens - rule #1 - always be prepared!

I have also posted this picture before, but another one of my favorite lighthouses -  Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse - Annapolis, MD.

Look who we found on the Chesapeake - yup, Big Run and Broulee back together again.  Bob & Sharon have decided to make the run to Atlantic Yacht Basin with us - they are starting their trek south.  We are currently in Deltaville and hiking over to meet up with Rick and Pam on M/V Tourist (summering on the Chesapeake) to catch up on news/gossip from Legacy Harbor Marina in Ft. Myers.  Nice to have a day off  - no boat travel.


  1. That picture of you all wet made me laugh out loud.

    Thanks I needed that as I have been changing dirty fuel filters. :((

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Wow!! Your making great tracks!! We release the lines this Saturday!! YEAH!!
    What is a RAIN watermaker??

    1. just our fun invention of primitive watermaker, you will have to look a few blogs back.

  3. Man, you guys are flying! It took us months to make that trip. :)

    You should be in Georgia by what, 7:30 or 8?

    1. Get cocktails ready - see you soon. Actually see you, hopefully on our trip south this winter.