-E.B. White

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruisers don't have plans, just intentions

Seems the norm here, this time of year, is fog - we planned to leave Sommes Harbor on Sunday, but looked like fog would not get us anywhere further (Carina left, but only made it to Southwest Harbor a hop skip from here).  We were hoping to leave the harbor on a sunny day so we could see the mountains along the fjord, but looks like this will partially happen,  so we will take what we can get, so on Monday we leave  - Carina from Southwest Harbor, Broulee from Sommes - heading for Rockland. 

Fog still lifting from the anchorage (hey at least we can see the trees).

Just a boat in the anchorage that looked like fun.

We are calling this fog lifting - we have not seen these hills for days.  Although we are still hearing Security, Security calls on the radio - we are all confident it will lift.

Ok, so several things in this picture.  Fog is lifting to the top of the 600 ft mountain - sun is starting to shine on the hundreds of lobster pots and then.....

as we round the point, back in the thick of it. Carina was at least an hour ahead of us so not much help in the what might be heading directly at us category, but everyone was constantly optimistic about possibilities of fog letting up - LIARS.  

You could never take your eyes off of the water (lobster pots), the radar (other boats) the course (where the hell are we?) and listening to the constant security, security on the radio of boats heading somewhere, possibly in your direction..  Rick was continuously  saying, ok we have a target, 3/4 mile out - he's getting closer, wait he's going to the port side, no wait he's now in front of us, we pretty much knew it was a lobster boat - they zig zag alot.  This target in the picture above is pretty much a given, it doesn't move.  Again, just showing you visibility, is only about a boat length away.

  When we got back to Stonington the fog had lifted - Goose Rock Lighthouse/Horn.

Passing thru Stonington Harbor - looks like we are heading back into fog. 

 We could hear a loud fog horn as we were approaching Rockland - just as the fog was lifting this car ferry appeared on our starboard side - whew, that was a close one.  We know he knew where we were, and we knew he was huge and close -   but, we are sure he was probably just laughing - hah, watch this, I am going to scare the crap out of this little boat - and, yes he did!  

Schooner as we are approaching Rockland.  Yes and the fog has lifted, finally.

 Rockland Lighthouse - looks like we will be here a few days, Rick will be working on the generator and another Krogen, Dawn Treader is in the harbor, so it looks like another Krogen Rendezvous, Warning Happy Hour ahead. 

Sunset from our Rockland anchorage - I know, pitiful. 


  1. Wow! Your photos are simply amazing! Good job!

  2. We're not sure who the photog is, Rick, Deb or (Izzy), but your going to have quite a few great photos to choose from when you decide to become landlubbers to use to hang on your land dwelling. We're sure we asked before, but is it a point and shoot camera or an SLR? These shots are beautiful!!