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Sunday, February 3, 2013

On the road again.....

We departed on schedule, leaving Minnesota on Thursday, January 30th just ahead of another cold front bursting thru the door from Canada.  Predictions were for wind chills into the 25-30 below zero range and we wanted to be ahead of that front.  We did have some serious wind, gusting out of the west to 30mph, but didn't see temps lower than 6 degrees.  Did hit snow off and on thru West Virginia - as soon as we hit the Virginia border the sun appeared and nice dry roads all the way to Chesapeake. Thankfull to our kids for taking care of the homestead in Minnesota, allowing us to return to Broulee. 

      Next stop - the carwash.  Up top - our pilot house cushions  returning to the boat after their reupholstery job.

Fending off the chill - barricade of pillows and blankets - Friday night in the 20's and woke to ice outside of the boat in the morning.  Not exactly wearing flip flops and needing sunscreen, but hey, we are back on the boat and it feels good.

Well, maybe not so good. On the trip to Maine we had to keep adding water to the cooling system. Not good! So time to check it out. Possible problems? Rusted cast housing, leaking tube stack, faulty boot housing (not pictured), or ? head gasket ?

OK here is the challenge. Get the tube stack out after 19 years of running. Push, pull, rubber mallet, more muscle, more rubber mallet and success! After the cooling tube stack was out inspection of the cast housing showed no significant rusting. Rule that out.

So, here's the tube stack out, cleaned and under pressure test. 

Good news ! Pressure held! So far anyway. Maybe saving a boat unit in cost (1,000.00). Held under 10 lbs pressure so we'll see if it works under engine temps and the 11-12 psi in the system. Now the flush of the systems, no pictures but 3 hours of work. Filling, adding Cascade dishwasher soap (really?), running, draining, filling, flushing, etc, etc,. Did not want to use acids or other flushing solutions at this point, but wanted to completely flush and "wash" the system for a change in anti-freeze product. Here's hopping this works. 

The new re-upholstered (ultra suede) pilothouse cushions.  We know, not perfect, but satisfied with our new upholstery job.

We are boating!  We know its just moving out of the shed. That was Broulee's spot for the last five months.  We did notice alot of wood shavings on the deck and companionway - probably from the dock and pilings during Hurricane Sandy.

Back on the dock after filling water tanks at the fuel dock - the downside of boating, when temps are in the 30's - the marina shuts the water off on the docks.  Luckily we are our own little city so all systems are a go.

Our Queen Isabella,  kicking back, head on pillow (seriously that is how she sleeps) and glad to be back on Broulee.

It doesn't matter what the temp is - we love being on the boat and the feel of being on the water again.  We are used to bringing the boat south from Minnesota mid October, so we know about cooler boating temps (we just thought we got smarter).  Temps expected to be in the mid to high 50's next week, a few maintenance issues (as always) to deal with then moving south - where to, not sure, but moving south.

I am a  California girl - born in Oxnard, California (Port Hueneme) while my dad was in the Air Force.  A part of my heart was left in San Francisco, my favorite city.

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  1. Sorry about the Super Bowl. :)

    You guys need to get south! It's been in the 60s and 70s everyday here in Georgia. Pam and I left Annapolis in January last year. It's not too bad a ride.