-E.B. White

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Projects continue.....and friends happen.

Yup, still here and now kicking around the idea of spending the rest of our winter at Atlantic Yacht Basin  and then leaving the boat here for the summer.  The temps are warming up a bit, there is a promise of spring in the air, we are checking things off our "to do list" and we are actually enjoying it here.  Thinking about our next bucket list adventure - might be Cherry Blossoms in DC (originally was not on the list, but we are here so why not, our bucket list is also flexible).

Monday night - red sky at night sailor's delight (non rain day)

Tuesday Morning - Red sky in morning - sailor's take warning.  
(Doesn't really matter we are not going anywhere - and yes, it poured buckets on Tuesday - holding true to the red morning sky thing).

Wednesday - No rain means laundry day!  Yup looking like Trawler trash, once again.

We took a few days off from making new cushion covers in the saloon, to work on covers for all the fenders - nine of them to be exact.
Even the big balls got new covers.

Please, Please -  can I sit on the new cushions?

 The new re-upholstered cushion covers.  Unfortunately, having a dog on board means we  normally have them covered with sheets and towels - mostly due to that big puddle thing going on outside.  We sneak the towels off while she is napping in her kennel or if it doesn't rain - unfortunately we have had rain just about every other day.  I guess we should have not allowed Izzy to be on the furniture when she was a puppy - but not our style so I guess sheets and towels it is.
 We both can use a break from this togetherness "projects" thing we have going on and are planning to take a few days off before starting the cushions on the starboard side.  It's that Mars and Venus thing - some days we need a translator, or maybe a mediator would be better or, maybe both.

   Drove over to Virginia Beach yesterday to check out a Sunbrella source (Mike's Canvas) because we are also thinking about doing skirting around the top rail (that is if we survive the re-upholstery project).    

It feels like we are starting to settle in, we have free WiFi and TV reception.  Izzy is loving the not so hot temps - easy on her black fur.  There are lots of great restaurants all within walking distance of the marina.  Two of our favorites are El Toro Loco - for great Mexican food and Kagura Japanese - serving up great Japanese dishes and all you can eat Sushi.  Also a Farm Fresh grocery store, hair and nails, lots of fast food joints - Subway, KFC, Wendys, Taco Bell (to name a few) dry cleaners,Hancock Fabrics, Radio Shack, Do It Hardware store, Tuesday Mornings (my personal favorite), The Dollar Store, Walgreens, RiteAid and much more all within a couple of blocks of here.  We fortunately have our car with which makes Lowes, Home Depot, West Marine and the Bier Garden Restaurant within reach.  So we are surviving - but missing all our boater friends, but then because of this lifestyle also making new friends.

We saw this the other day  - crazy way to advertise your profession.


  1. I'm betting that any self respecting BNK RBBR would not be driving a Toyota! I'm thinking this guy is a want a be RBBR.

  2. Does this mean we should turn the light off?

  3. Great looking fender covers. We'll take 4 for our tube fenders. Do you deliver to the Bahamas? Make it 6 covers, we also have balls!