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Monday, January 27, 2014

Back to the drawing board

Just couldn't get an acceptable stain to work on the birch ply, plus we both were not happy with it not being teak. (Really? That fussy? Well, 25 years satisfying customers with design and execution further molded our expectations and acceptance of projects.)  So, we called it a prototype and found a teak supplier, ripped off all the ply and are now installing teak.  Practice makes perfect, right? Ahh, but how will that stain match existing stain? Oh the suspense!

We don't get to see beautiful sunsets here, but have been seeing some interesting sunrises.

Our friends, Wayne and Carol (previously of Take Time - Krogen Whaleback) are taking a break from building their new home in New Hampshire and will be in our area for the next month or so.  We took a break from projects and visited them at their condo in Cocoa Beach. We also made plans to meet up with them to tour the Kennedy Space Center.

On Thursday we toured the museum and the space center - we were all impressed.  

They call this the Rocket Garden - not sure what the guy in the lift was doing, maybe waxing?

Rick had some memory moments at this missile - the Titan II, also used for the Gemini projects.  During his Air Force days he spent 5 years with one of the launch keys in his hand (well, in the safe) for this intercontinental ballistic missile and its "warhead", the mega-big "thing" on top where the Gemini capsules sat for the space exploration use. 

The story behind the missile.

More of the Rocket Garden. Hmmm maybe we should get one for our garden  at Bald Eagle Lake?

Atlantis Museum was added in 2013 - those two little people are Rick and Wayne - the actual space shuttle Atlantis is housed in the building behind the shuttles launch fuel tank and solid fuel thruster.  

 Atlantis with its cargo bay open and robotic arms (made in Canada).  After 33 successful missions to space and back the shuttle in now on display at the museum.  This picture does not do it justice - the lighting in this room played havoc with all my pics.  

Atlantis power pack.

and its hidden power.

Model of Atlantis

Rick got to fly the shuttle, dock the shuttle, deploy the robotic arms and land the shuttle.  (In his words: Going to need more practice!) We also got to experience a shuttle launch in the launch simulator - feeling the G's.

Included in your ticket is a bus tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) - it is one of the largest buildings in the world by volume, and is the largest single story building in the world.  Also toured the grounds, and the shuttle launch pad.  Your ticket includes a tour of the museum that houses a Saturn V rocket and  also provides entrance to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  A lot to take in - all in one day.  

We had an opportunity to attend the evenings launch of the Atlas 5 rocket (at an additional $20.00 per person) but they wouldn't let you leave the grounds and come back for the 9:05 launch.  We had a dog that hadn't been off the boat since 8:30 in the morning so we decided to watch the launch from our marina.

Back in the day - so sad it had to end.  Also sad for this town - what we love about the people here is they are just happy to have jobs.  They make us feel welcome.

We found a spot to sit and wait - the window was from 9:05 to 9:45.  We finally got a lift off at 9:34.  This was the best I could do with my little point and shoot..

Wayne, I am guessing this is a picture from the guy with the big ass telephoto lens who was standing next to you.  Doug, in case you are questioning -  this is not my photo.

A sign at the entrance to the Atlantis Museum - I Love It - my new words to live by!!!! 

The entire day was amazing - We would highly recommend the Kennedy Space Center experience.

Rick, Deb - Carol, Wayne
Cellphone "group selfie" 
Priceless (no charge).

All is good here - Wayne & Carol will be in the area for the next three weeks so we have decided to extend our stay in Titusville for a bit.

Stay tuned for:
New teak install, new countertops and new washer/dryer on order.     

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