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Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Just another day in paradise"

Yes, we like it here very much.  Very laid back and clean and friendly.  As I mentioned before - water is everywhere and it feels very tropical.  Most of the bars and restaurants have a Tiki Hut atmosphere. We have become regulars at Stan's on Sundays and our small group of Live Aboards is growing.  Wayne and Lynn on LeryLynn (escapees from Legacy) have now joined our happy hour group.

I heard someone say the other day - Stan's is spring break for adults.  Little did we know that our group pic (me, Diane and Lynn) was being photo bombed by an anonymous adult spring breaker. Too funny.

Another great evening out at CJ's on the Bay with our Minnesota friends - Doug, Robbie's dad Dick and Robbie.  Doug is now back in Minnesota and called to bug me about no postings on the blog.  I told him I have been waiting for a rainy day.  We have had no rain since we got here on December 2nd - guess what Doug, it rained this morning, but sun was out by 1:30 - hope this pic reminds you of what you are missing.  Hurry back!  
  Sunset at CJ's on the Bay

They have a huge farmers market here on Wednesdays - pics of some of the pretty produce.

Florida strawberries - yummy.

Also found a guy selling air plants - 

Yup, you knew we couldn't resist - can't wait to bring this home to our greenhouse - oops just noticed our Christmas lights are still up, what can I say, we have been busy.

My sister Joni married a Henning so we couldn't resist stopping for a Chicago style deep dish pizza.  The pizza was amazing - but, unfortunately we didn't get any discounts for pulling out the "my sister is married to a Henning card".  Turns out the owner is not claiming any relatives in Minnesota - all Chicago and he's sticking to that story.

I had great plans of making it to workout at Anytime Fitness after lunch - hah!  

  Sights on my morning walk - 
Update on the burrowing owls - yes, they are still here.  So much for selling this lot anytime soon.  They are classified endangered, so no disturbance of any kind.  Izzy has no interest in them, so they don't seem to be bothered by her.

Moon setting the morning after the full moon.  Darn - it's another beautiful morning, looks like no chance for blogging or year end bookwork today - the pool is calling.

 There is a reason Izzy has shoved three toys into her mouth, its called Chewie...
Meet Chewbacca (aka Chewie).  His owner was taken to the emergency room and hospitalized for 9 days - the dockmaster knew we were dog people so he asked if we could help out. He was in need of a bath, which he thoroughly enjoyed and Izzy agreed to at least share the couch.

  They actually became great friends.  Very glad to help out - sad to let him go, but happy Brian has been released and is doing better.
 Enjoying another Happy Hour at Stilts on the beach for sunset.  L-R (Diane, Lynn, Tim, Wayne, Rick and Deb)

 What can I say - we are having a great time and it is beautiful here.  

Updates on cleaning the starboard fuel tanks to follow.


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  1. Glad to see the helm project is not interfering with the more important things! LOL,