-E.B. White

Sunday, January 30, 2011

OOPS WE DID IT AGAIN  - On the 29th we ventured out at Adderly Cut with a plan to get up to Black Point in hopes of getting Wi-Fi.  It seems our trusty dinghy motor (a 16 year old 15HP Yamaha) decided to break it's rubber thrust hub (in lieu of a shear pin)  in the prop.  We could still putt, putt to shore, but it had lost all its get up and go - and now we are in hot pursuit of where to purchase a replacement part.  The disadvantage of being in the Bahamas is how, where and the expense of getting parts here.  Well anyway, back to the plan - leaving the cut was like riding a bucking bronco, the Captain promised the crew that it would settle down once we got further out into Exuma sound - LIAR!  Six to eight foot seas out in the deep water (1,000 + feet) so we came back into the shallower water (40-50 feet) closer to shore and while choppy, they were a manageable three to four feet.  We hugged the shore for the next hour and came back thru Rudder Cut onto the banks,but, with the tide still dropping, the water rushing out of the cut and the wind blowing against the current the run in was an exhilarating ride with five to six foot waves.  Within minutes we were in tranquil, calm, blue-green water, surrounded by beautiful islands with high cliffs and hills - what a difference an hour makes - can't believe we let this happen to us, again.

    Coming out of Adderly Cut - these tall, unlit, stone obelisk markers are common throughout the Bahamas.
Izzy did not enjoy the ride from Adderly Cut to Rudder Cut - she finally got herself wedged in between Deb and two pillows.  We added ducky and snakey for extra comfort - nothing seemed to help.
 This has now become the barometer for good or bad seas - the beads in the window on a good day.

and this would be a bad day. 

Broulee on the banks - tranquil, calm, clear blue-green water.  Photo courtesy of Big Run

Most of the islands are privately owned.  Thru this stretch, Magician, David Copperfield owns four - purchase price $50 Million.  While the 150 acre Musha Cay is where he has his most private resort, the three other islands are used as buffers to ensure maximum privacy.  The picture above is of Rudder Cay - one of the buffer islands.  He rents out his island for $325,000.00 a week and celebrities such as John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey have stayed here. 

Cave Cay - appropriately named is also a private island.

  Our run up to Black Point on the banks - nothing could be finer - gave us a chance to regroup after everything on the boat went thru the agitator cycle.  Photo courtesy of Big Run.

We anchored at Black Point settlement, Rick was able to get wi-fi info on the prop, Big Run took us all to shore in their dinghy, we kissed the ground and toured the town.

This was not the typical house on the island.  We found the island to be clean, friendly and is supposedly the largest in the Exuma Cays with about 350 people.  We were trying to figure why so many boats at anchor here until we stumbled across the laundromat/marine store.  Lots of washers and dryers - all shiny and new, and no waiting.

The pavillion at Regatta Point, Black Point Settlement

Just stuff on the island.

Saturday night, Big Run invited us over for Happy Hour and " Sharon's Survivor Stombolli's" - we shared stories about boat items that went awry during our two hour ordeal that morning and after a couple of drinks - we could actually laugh about it. 


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