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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Belated

Found this picture of my Dad from the 70's - he was quite the Wild Irish Gent.  Luck O' the Irish, he was blessed with three fiery spirited daughters and four fiery spirited granddaughters - may the saints protect thee!

Happy St. Patty's day Dad

Enjoying our time at Sandpiper Marina - kind of a laid back, salty down to earth place.  No frills and no rules.   Everyone is a little bit lax on the leash thing - so Izzy is allowed to be on the docks without hers, so she is loving that.  Deb loves that we can hang clothes on the line to dry...
Yup, we are trawler trash, again.

On the trip over from Fort Myers the engine room exhaust blower crapped out, so that became a project.  The bearings were seized up and one of the vanes in the squirrel cage fan broke (well that actually happened when the project manager was assessing the problem with the bearings).  The PM got the bearing problem fixed with a little bit of 3-in-one oil, then tracked down a local welder, Scott at Custom Welding in Port St. Lucie to fix the squirrel cage - can't believe it, but he only charged 8 dollars - unheard of.  
The port side rail is completely stripped and sanded.  Now it makes the starboard side look bad, so that has been added to the list.  In between rain bursts, Rick is trying to get caulking and varnish done.

Never get tired of rainbows.  We also get to watch everyone having fun at Club Med.  

We stopped and visited with Bob, Melanie, Radar and new puppy Muddy - Radar was impressing us with his begging skills.  
Muddy being the puppy that he is - was a blur, trust me - he's a cutie pie even though Radar might not think so.
Hang in there Radar.

Back on our boat - this guy torments Izzy - along with this guy...

She just doesn't know what to think about these strange creatures practically in our cockpit.

Izzy has her own private beach here - the down side is WET DOG ON BOAT, up side is TIRED DOG ON BOAT.

So that's it for now - Rick, Deb & Izzy
Picture courtesy of Carol on Take Time


  1. Good seeing you guys again, dinner and catching up was fun.
    Here's to safe and happy cruises.
    Crew Istaboa

  2. Hey Izzy
    Great job on training Rick to throw your toy after you start running. How long does it take to teach an ol' dog a new trick Izzy?

    Chill'n in Nassau

    The crew of Big Run

  3. Ruby and Izzy would get along great. Ruby is part pit bull, part otter and loves the water too. We haven't been able to find anyplace that isn't all mud and oyster shells to let them swim, and now, of course, the alligators are out here in Georgia. Maybe on the way north.

    the Crew of Drift Away