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Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Migration North has begun

Just back from a five day stint at the Wrinkle Ranch in Queen Valley, AZ (my parents winter home) celebrating my Mom's 80th Birthday.  I have been complaining lately about the humidity in Florida - turns out humidity is not so bad after all -  I felt like a California raisin by the time I left.  My sister Joni also flew in for the event and my cousin Karen was spending the winter there so besides the big birthday party it, was a nice family reunion. 

Deb's beautiful mother on her 80th Birthday. She is definitely my role model and mentor.  She believes in just doing it!  

Just our luck - one of my parent's friends was celebrating his 85th birthday - so we decided to combine the two parties (they have the same group of friends so it makes sense - and that sharing the cost thing wasn't too bad either).

On one of my morning hikes - I discovered this beautiful cactus in bloom - of, course I did not have my camera with.  When I got to my parents house my dad said if you are going to get a picture you need to do it now -  It's a night blooming cactus and the flowers don't last very long into the day.  It produces large flowers that start opening at night and then fizzle out by mid-day.  So off we went with our cameras - incredible blooms  

In all the years I have been visiting this area I have never been fortunate enough to be here for this display of grandeur.
I love it here - the palm trees, the cactus, the mountains - the only grass I saw was on the golf course - most people here just rake their rock yard - no grass to maintain.
The desert was just starting to bloom  -  very pretty this time of year.

This stuff grows like weeds 

Soon every one of these buds will be in bloom.

Pink and yellow flowers on the same cacti - I thought they were fake, but evidently the pink petals fall off and then the yellow centers make another flower?  It's magic
This cactus has all kinds of sexy stuff going on.  Seriously - look at it for awhile. Your welcome.

The night I got home (midnight thirty) Izzy couldn't wait to show me her catch of the days.  Our marina is near the Club Med Tennis Courts.  Everyday when she and Pops walked she found another ball (or sometimes a sponge - yuk) and bring them back to the boat. No rules while Mom is away - Also everyone in the marina knows she loves tennis balls - so  they would bring her one thinking she needed one.  
  Really how many can you do at once?

I woke up in the morning to find our good friends on Big Run anchored off of our stern.  They motored into our marina, we set a departure date of Friday the 30th, we re provisioned and our next adventure is about to happen.

The great migration north begins. Broulee and Big Run back together again.  We have not done the East Coast since 2003 - thank you to all our East Coast friends for their updated input - Take Time wish you were coming north with us.  For Broulee it's Maine or Bust.  We will keep you posted.  Seriously Drift Away we are headed your way!
"Adventurers do occur, but not punctually" -  E.M. Forster

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  1. I love it! Great post. The desert is beautiful, for sure, great pics! And catch us if you can! We've been here at Isle of Hope (Savannah) since mid February, but we hope to be headed north within a week or two. Or maybe never. It's just too nice here! The people, especially, are wonderful and we're having a great time. Plan on a stop at Isle of Hope~