-E.B. White

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ok, I asked Rick to write this, because he is a better writer, but - he probably won't.  Alot has been going on in the blog world about cruisers (dirt owners versus live-a-boards, we are the former?).  What exactly is the definition of a live-a-board? Are all your worldly possessions gone?  Are they in storage somewhere? Are they at your Kids/Parents? Did you move them onto the boat? We are in a marina, not our normal, modus operandi, however, this is a maintenance year.  We love traveling.  I have had a passport with me since I was 18, my husband  has had one since he was 12 - I say that because everything happened when he was 12, every story he tells was when he was 12 - he did alot when he was 12.

Ok, back to we love to travel.  That perhaps drew us together - maybe it was sex, but my mother reads this so, lets just say travel (by the way I get my wanderlust from my Mother and we have other similarities).

Interesting - the last three months at marinas we have been charged a live-a-board fee - I guess we are live-a-boards.  Or - are we?  That definition still eludes me.  

What-ever we are, it has been a great ride.  Some of my favorite memories have been the people.  Can't forget the Erie Canal trip where people, so called strangers would walk up where we were tied up on the wall  and offer us rides to wherever we needed to go.  Or our Mississippi River trip, where we would pull into a marina whether it be Homeport, Fairport, or Keokuk (that's just Iowa), belly up to the bar and never need to pay for a drink - these are people that live vicariously thru the cruisers.

Then you step outside the box - hmmm might we venture beyond the Exumas - scary.  What lies beyond - pirates?  We did make it to Trinadad - my dreamer of a husband would of probably preferred to continue to points unkown, I don't call it squashing the dream - I call it compromise.  At least what we are doing, we are doing together - somedays it is his dream some days it is mine.


  1. Glad to see that I am not the only ones whose life must of began at age 12. My husband read that line and said hey honey you have a brother.

  2. hey Deb,

    It is all about the people. We love living aboard and cruising, from the lifestyle, to the scenery. But it's the people we meet along the way that really means the most to us. Many are doing what we do and are making their own special memories, but others are watching from the sidelines, enjoying what we do and hoping to do it themselves one day, as I did for many years reading cruising books.

    Nice write-up, Deb.

  3. Debbie there are two kinds of people.People like you and Rick living your dream on a boat. Then there are people like me reading you blog and wishing that I was able to do what you are you guys are doing. I'm thankful for your blog along with the other blogs that you follow, because enjoy reading all of them. Thanks to all of you.