-E.B. White

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GLIDE "to move smoothly and continuously along, as if without effort or resistance".

And that is what we are doing now after the prop, rudder and bottom fix. As promised Sailcraft Services splashed us on Saturday and we have to say we could not be more pleased with the job and their entire crew.  In the past 13 years of cruising - this is our first 10 Star boatyard. The owner, Alan, allowed us to stay on the wall plugged into 50 amp service and water until the cold front blew through the area.  Both Saturday and Sunday turned out to be hang onto the dock days so we took advantage of the "free" offer and stayed until Monday.

    We completed a few more projects including hanging our Christmas lights and digging out our decorations.

Monday morning looked like a low wind good day to head out of Oriental, NC.

However, no wind means the conditions are right for fog and of course it won't blow off.  Coming thru Morehead City with radar working and a series of zig zag bouys/markers and fog so heavy we couldn't see the pulpit, we finally decided it was time to pull off the channel and anchor for an hour waiting for clearing.

Once the fog burned off we had good weather and found a lovely anchorage at Swansboro,NC - sunset on Bogue Sound.

Anchorage at Swansboro, NC Tuesday morning.  Tidal current was very manageable and no wind made it a comfortable stay.

View across the sound from our anchorage.  We woke to fog and enjoyed a cup of coffee while waiting for it to blow off.  Looks like a go - start the engine.

Oops - it's back.  Looks like a second cup of coffee.

Just some sights along the way.  Hope to make Wrightsville Beach, NC tonight.  Another cold front coming thru today - on the backside NW winds gusting to 25.
  Hope the three swing bridges we need to navigate thru will cooperate with the winds.  A half hour after we went through Onslow bridge it shut down due to mechanical failure, whew.  We pulled into a small anchorage, mile 278.2, just after the third bridge, Figure Eight Bridge, at 1630 and knew we could not make the 1700 bridge at Wrightsville, so pulled in sharing the anchorage with a southbound sailboat.

A good ending to a blustery rainy day.

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  1. Nothing like a slick bottom. Makes the boat feel like new.
    Really nice pics.
    Have fun.