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Friday, December 20, 2013

Our "Love - Hate" relationship

I love the ICW, Rick hates it.  I love the beautiful anchorages, lovely homes and scenery.  Rick hates, the skinny water.  He would much prefer going out any cut into the wide open waters and skipping all the drama of the tides, channel markers and shifting waters.  However, he has grudgingly, agreed to stick with the ditch.  Unfortunately in the last 13 years of cruising - memories of the bad crossings have stuck with me - unfortunately the good ones have not. Unfortunately Rick remembers every shallow water along the ditch, he now calls it "The brown spot run" and he's not talking about dirt.

Anchoring at mile #487 - Church Creek, South Carolina.  Izzy is either watching for ducks, or thinking there must be a way to get to land - we think both. Nice anchorage, 5 star for us.

The temps are warming up into the 70's - we finally got to sit out on the front deck with a glass of wine and watch the sunset on Church Creek.  As soon as it set, we walked around to the back cockpit and saw this beautiful site.

Moonrise over Church Creek.

The next morning while pulling anchor - Moon set over Church Creek

The two mile long, Arthur Ravenel, Jr bridge in Charleston, SC.  We have been through here several time before so hard to keep posting pictures of the Fort, The Battery, etc.  Charleston is a great stop - we highly recommend it.

Anchored and traveled most of the day with "Basil B and Me"

We took a detour at Beaufort, SC and stopped at Ladys Island Marina, again, for two reasons.  Let Izzy stretch her legs and rent a car and move our car further south.  The marina was rated five star by Active Captain and who could turn down $1.00 a foot, free pump out and free laundry.  The manager, Steve, bent over backwards to make us happy and we are now a believer in Ladys Island Marina for your Beaufort, SC stopover.

Leaving the marina the next morning spotted these two Bald Eagles 
fighting over a fish one of them stole from a blue heron.

Friday morning at mile #600 - Breakfast Creek, Georgia. Another 5 star anchorage.

The "Low Country" - I love the anchorages.  I neglected to say we had to stop early here yesterday because the next area we go thru is called Hell Gate - only to be done on a rising tide - the Captain has a head ache. One thing about heading south is the afternoon is always into the sun. We'll both have blistered eyes when we get to Florida.

Tonight anchored at mile #665 - approximately 49 miles to the Florida border, but who's counting.  We aren't even going to talk about the "Little Mud River" "Front River" and mile #660 - we need to have some wine and things will seem better.

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  1. I agree with Rick, but looking at the present conditions... Anchor, tie up somewhere, or run the ICW are the sane choices.
    It's a weird weather year.
    Seems like you guys are making the best of it.
    Stay safe, have fun.