-E.B. White

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The lovely thing about cruising is that planning turns out to be of little use.

So lets see.  We last left this post leaving Swansboro, NC and happy to report we made it to mile 278.2 despite the cold front that blew through.  Lucky to make it thru Onslow Bridge - they shut it down 1/2 hour after we passed through it because of high winds.  They debated letting us through the Figure Eight Island Swing Bridge due to high winds, but offered to open, if we could proceed rapidly (this we cannot do) they were not sure how long they could hold it open, whew we made it.  Next day the current was with us and we had good speeds averaging 10 MPH.  We had arranged for a part to be delivered to Barefoot Marina, North Myrtle Beach, SC - so while waiting on the arrival of the UPS package we decided to get a rental car and retrieve our vehicle from Oriental and bring it further south.
Our UPS package was to arrive on Wednesday the day of our arrival at Barefoot Marina.  Needless to say UPS screwed with us and the package did not arrive until Friday at 4:00. For the moment we have lost faith in the UPS system.  

Bright Orange house along the waterfront.  Love the fun colored houses in the area.

More sights along the way - thanks to one of the hurricanes in the area.

Barefoot Marina, North Myrtle Beach - a great place for Izzy and I to stretch our legs. 

 We have seen lots of dolphins playing along side the boat - still not growing tired of them! 

 Last night we anchored at mile 395 behind Butler Island.  Severe weather with rain and strong winds gusting to 30 MPH blew through, but we survived the storms and our anchor held tight. 

Our Christmas Tree is up and......

Stockings hung with care.

We cannot seem to satisfy Izzy's energy level when we go a few days without touching land - everyone is exhausted.

For every one's sake we are taking more land breaks this trip.

Tonight we we are just north of Charleston above the Ben Sawyer Bridge and all is well (despite the skinny water most of the way here).
We saw a lot of 6 feet or less - lots of bun puckering for the Captain.

 Sunset at anchor - Mile 461 Inlet Creek
Just the idea of being in South Carolina makes us feel warmer.


  1. As legal representation for MS. Isabella, we are filing a formal complaint with the courts of the North Pole, Judge Claus presiding. Ms. Isabella believes she has been wronged by the unfair practice of the undersized Christmas stocking. Failure to correct this situation shall lead to Mom & Dads stockings being filled with coal and switches, this penalty having precedent set in St. Nicholas's nation of Germany. You have 8 days to comply with corrective action.

    Go Team Izzy!