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Friday, December 17, 2010

OK WE MADE IT TO BIMINI- I know it's not that far ( 50 miles), but at least we are in the Bahamas.  We crossed like a flotilla (mostly sailboats) and turns out NOHOA lied again - seas were definitely not what they had predicted.  The gulf stream crossing was a bit bumpy, kind of like riding a bucking bronco, but, Izzy and Deb did their best trying to hang in there (ok so we whined a few times). We had reservations at Bimini Blue Water Resort and had no problems checking into Customs and Immigrations, except prying the $300.00 entry fee out of our hands.  We docked alongside our friends on Cocoon Too ( A Krogen 48) and enjoyed a quiet sunset cocktail - catching up on things since we were together last .  You forget how clear the water is here and Izzy is happy to be at a dock.  Today two more Krogens showed up - so I believe we have a rendezvous. Looks like we will all be here for awhile - we have free Wi Fi -  so again, no complaints here.
Before we left the USA, our Christmas lights were put up and

Our stockings are hung by the window with care.

We did a trial run the day before to lay a track on the chart plotter thru the pucker part of the course so we could leave in the dark the next morning (don't tell Deb's Mom).

On our trial run we got to see Stiltsville - google it - a very interesting history - more recently used for educational purposes. 

Coming into Bimini

Bimini Blue Water Resort

Cocoon Too and Broulee tied to the docks after a very bumpy ride across the gulf stream.  Certainly not the best crossing we have had, but absolutely not the worst!! 

Water is so clear you can see the rudder on this sailboat docked next to us. 

Walked a block to the ocean side of Bimini and found this crusty/rusty freighter.

Walked the beach with Izzy - wish you were here!!

Izzy loved her water experience - she really didn't understand why it was so difficult to get to the ball and then the undertow when she was trying to get back to the beach and then even worse the body surfing/slamming into the shore - she has coral sand and sea salt stuck in places we don't even want to talk about. We all thought it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

We decided to check out Bimini Big Game Fishing Club - recently renovated by new owner Guy Harvey.  In hindsight we should have stayed here - hmmm we may be moving tomorrow. 

The Blue Marlins

Guy Harvey paintings.

Two more Krogens showed up - Morning Star and Big Run - looks like we have a Krogen Rendezvous.  Hey a local just came by selling us 12 lobster tails for $25.00 - looks like we have dinner.

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  1. Happy to read that you made it finally! The clear water and warm air make me jealous. It's 2 above as I write this. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!