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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The second leg of our trip was not as kind to us - 8 to 10 ft swells, not choppy, but soft rolling hills.  You would go up, up, up then down, down down - kind of like riding a slow moving roller coaster.  This day we traveled for about 8 hours leaving our anchorage in Chub Cay at around 5:00 am and  getting to our anchorage at Royal Island, Eleuthera early enough to relax in the sun and once again, enjoy the turquoise water - however, still too cool for swimming, but tempting. Temps right now are like a Minnesota Lake in the summer .
This is Big Run in the rolly waves - not the big 10 footers - because the photographer could barely stand up.  Big Run is formerly a boat owned by Jeff & Suzanne Kenyon named Baloo.  Before selling her they spent a summer with us at Watergate Marina in St. Paul, Mn.  The new owners are Bob & Sharon Bond - and I am adding their blogsite to this page - check out their interesting story.
Thanks to Bob on Big Run - we've got this beautiful picture of Broulee crossing to Royal Island, Eluethera  - yes that's the captain in the pilot house window.
The next morning after a somewhat blowy night we all started to pull up our anchors to head to Spanish Wells on St. George's Cay, Eleuthera (about an hour ride).  As you can see, Cocoon Too is heading out and...
 Big Run is on the move.  Oh, Oh, - were is Broulee?

When trying to haul up the anchor we discovered it was hooked on an abandoned concrete mooring pad.  The captain had to dive the anchor in the chilly early morning water to try to get one of the anchor flukes untangled from the chain attached to the concrete.  An hour later - we met up with our fellow Krogenites at the Marina in beautiful Spanish Wells.
Colorful buildings on the waterfront.  This island claims to be the most beautiful spot in the Bahamas.  Later that evening at dinner, a friend of Cocoon Too told us 1/3 of the islands budget is spent on keeping it clean.  We can believe it - it's pristine.

Some of the best fishermen, divers and seafarers in the Bahamas live here.  A very prosperous town - with beautiful well maintained homes.
I forgot to mention that Cocoon Too fished along the run from Chub to Eleuthera and caught a Mahi-Mahi large enough to serve 7 hungry boaters - and of course there were lots of rum drinks involved. 

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