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Sunday, December 12, 2010

STUCK IN PARADISE - well not exactly where we want to be, but no complaints.  Still in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne.  Missed another possible weather window waiting on a new alternator to be delivered and are now waiting for another cold front to pass and a possible departure to the Bahamas on Thursday the 16th. 
Key Biscayne - see the little harbour on the left side in the 400 acre park - that's where we are.  This aerial pic was taken before Hurricane Andrew hit - so not quite as many trees left.

Picture of the harbour on a nice quiet day with everyone giving each other enough swing room.

Then there is always those days when things get a little too close - we know he's on our anchor  - pardon me, could you please pass the Grey Poupon.
Then when the wind shifts - we can almost touch the mangroves.

View from the lighthouse of the beach side of the park.

We can be convinced we are on a tropical island (almost) - 80% of the people here speak spanish.

On the weekends the locals arrive in droves and the partying begins.  They just stay for the day,  it's quite entertaining for us. 

Lots of rafting together parties which turn into music competitions and drunken wild dancing - hmmm - reminds us of home on Bald Eagle Lake.

Then around sunset - they leave en masse and we have our nice quiet anchorage back.

 You can rent these cute little pedal carts to tour the park - looks like fun, but we are hiking alot, thanks to Izzy - a few pics of things we've seen along the way.

Rick - it's time to take the jacket and long jeans off!

Sea Oats along the hike.

Fishing Long Legs

This poor Monarch butterfly caught in this nasty spiders web - he's at the bottom of the pic working his way up. Click on the picture and you will see how big he is.

This squirrel - pretending to be part of the tree - we see you!!

And Izzy's favorite was this colorful grasshopper.

When we left Miami for Key Biscayne, we saw these little sailboats playing in the wind.

Like we said - no complaining here - nothing better then a cocktail and watching a sunset on the water.

Back home a big snow storm dumped 18-20 inches and temps plummeted to well below zero.  Roads were closed for most of the southern half of the state.  Oh, no - better get the roof rake out.

Brad, thanks for shoveling us out!

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  1. Nice pics... Never been there, always afraid of being to shallow for Istaboa.
    Looks like it will be after the 1st of the year before we are able to return. We have not given up catching you guys somewhere. We'll stay in touch.
    Good luck on the 16th. Stay safe and have fun.
    Crew Istaboa