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Friday, January 28, 2011

ALL PROVISIONED AND READY TO GO!!!  The run from Emerald Bay to Rat Cay was very nice and we entered the cut only to find some of the most pristine beaches, gorgeous craggy shorelines and that beautiful aquamarine, turquoise water that makes you go - aaahhh.  Most of the islands thru here are private - so no beach landings, but, it is definitely eye candy.  We were hailed on the radio by our friends on Cocoon Too, who were anchored at Lee Stocking Island  and heard we were in the neighborhood- sounds like a Krogen Rendezvous!!!  They headed out the next morning for points south and Big Run and Broulee decided to tour the Perry Institute for Marine Science's , Caribbean Research Center - one of six national undersea research centers sponsored by NOAA.  The scientific research facility partners with NOAA undersea research programs as well as a large number of other oceanographic and marine conservation agencies, and several universities.  Scientists, students and educational groups visit the institute from around the world to conduct ocean research in the remote, pristine stretch of the Caribbean.  Both on and around this island, they study coral reefs, fisheries, ocean eco systems and the bio diversity of undersea life (someone was taking notes).  In the Winter there is a skeleton staff, while summer is the peak season with about 30 people in residence.  Coral research is done in one of the institutes numerous large salt water tanks (the only study they allowed us to see) which looked to us to be about as stimulating as watching paint dry.  But, these studies, along with the facilities research into tidal level and sea temps are essential to maintaining the health of the ocean.

         Leaving The Marina at Emerald Bay we saw these crazy fishermen/woman  in their dinghy - oh wait that's Gerry and Linda from Monk's Vineyard and Michael from Second Star - good job you guys - Linda, way to go girl with that lookie bucket.
Broulee into the cut at Rat Cay - photo credit - Sharon on Big Run.
Our guide, for the tour, explained to us that Mr. Perry purchased this island in the 1950's for a mere $75,000.00 - the island is now the home of the Perry Institute for Marine Sciences.
The hyperbaric chamber, designed by Mr. Perry, a nice thing to have considering the research divers here do wall dives to depths of 300 feet.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science's - at this time of year - we saw two people, and a dog in residence - a little underwhelming for us, except maybe the heads up on the poisonwood tree - kind of late for Rick because he already experienced the downside of coming in contact with it (poison ivy).  We also learned that the gumbo-limbo tree, commonly known as the Tourist Tree because of it's red peeling bark, like the skin of sunburnt tourists, is an antidote to the rash that you will get from the sap of the Poisonwood Tree.  What are the chances of finding those two trees side by side? 

The Perry Institute for Marine Science's, Caribbean Marine Research Center

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