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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Had a great run down to Georgetown on Sunday the 9th - pulling up anchor at the Majors around 7:00 am.  Perfectly calm, flat seas and arriving in Georgetown around 3:00 or so.  We did a tour thru most of the beach anchorages (Hamburger, Honeymoon, Volleyball & Sand Dollar) finding none of them overly crowded and finally settled on Hamburger Beach.  Dinghyed into Georgetown the next day for provisions and prepaid wi-fi cards and our friends on Big Run were able to obtain an extension on their cruising permit.  Only plan to spend a few days here right now - moving back north to Emerald Bay Marina on the 12th to wait out the next blow and enjoy their amenities.  Check out their website @ http://www.marinaatemeraldbay.com/.  Plans are to return to Georgetown after the blow - but then, again, just plans.  Deb's leg is on the mend, but, still no swimming per Nurse Karen.
We moved, for the day, to this beautiful spot while anchored between the Majors so we could get a better wi-fi connection - nice place to surf the web don't you think?
Came back from Happy Hour on Cocoon Too - to find this guy taking up residence - Izzy loved him!

After spending two beautiful days here Big Run and Broulee - pulling up anchor and moving down to Georgetown.

Cocoon Too moving to Big Majors anchorage for incoming company.
Getting ready to leave in the morning we spotted this off our swim platform in about 10 feet of water.  If this any indication - how calm it is in the anchorage - could be a good day on Exuma Sound.
Orginally there were close to 30 boats in here - it's a mad dash to Georgetown.
Exiting out to the sound.
Couldn't have asked for flatter seas - Big Run gliding thru the water - 2,500 to 3,000 feet deep and sooo inky blue. 

We have arrived in Georgetown and I guess it's whatever floats your boat!

Guess what we had to eat at  Hamburger Beach - yup, a hamburger, well and a Kalik or two. Not very many boaters in town yet - normally this place is crawling with people. Nice to get here ahead of the gang. Ok why does the Captain look unhappy?  Maybe he needs another Kalik?

 Hiked over to the Exuma Sound side of Stocking Island to check out the sea conditions for our cruise out of here tomorrow - looking good.
Here come the groceries - and whatever else one might need to survive here.

Leaving the anchorage this morning  after a Happy Hour last night which turned into Jagermiester shots (thanks Big Run)- yesterday morning the count was 157 boats (they actually have people designated in each anchorage in charge of reporting the numbers), but we watched close to 25 more arriving during the day so numbers are approaching 200.  Sailboats are the majority here - power boats are few and far between. We call this place "Camp for Adults" and last time we were here there were twice as many boats - then again, we may be early this year.  Jeanne remember when you were a cheerleader for the Volley Ball team - and we also recall they had a "Prom Night" too.

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