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Friday, January 7, 2011

We are presently at Staniel Cay anchored between Big Major and Little Major Spots - waiting out another blow.  Wind gusts 40-50 MPH last night and Big Bad Broulee decided on her own to change anchor locations.  Luckily Rick was sleeping with one eye open and got the bad girl reeled back in and anchor reset before any damage was done.(well maybe to to his ego) reminiscent of Red Shanks 7 years ago.  There is also a medical clinic here so Deb can get her sutures removed.  After leaving Norman's Cay we spent a couple of days at Warderick Wells part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  There are over 4 miles of trails on Warderick Wells leading to rare plants, caves, wells and the ruins of a small Loyalist plantation built around 1785 by the Davis family.  The following pics are from our stay there.
Oops - first Izzy wants some blog time - she is showing her favorite new toy - a deflated child's beach ball found on the beach at Norman's Cay. Remember this is Izzy any toy stolen is better than what she already has.

The next pic is not for the faint of heart - you may want to pass it over, but, Deb wanted her Mom to see her boo boo.
Ok, now onto the fun stuff.

The welcoming sign
The map of the island showing the trails, and fun things to see.

The sperm whale - death caused by ingesting plastic bags.

The beautiful clear, clear water.

And this is the Captain, dragging the dinghy into shore so the little princess doesn't get her leg wet (very embarrassing for the little princess).  Look how far he has to go yet.

So here is the plan - we will rendezvous at Rendezvous Beach at 0900 and hike the 4 miles of trails.  WRONG!  Not your normal hiking trails - more like craggy rock ledges with ankle twisting opportunities in every step we took.  Bob & Sharon at least were prepared with hiking shoes on - Rick and Deb were in sandals.  Because of the terrain - we decided to let Bob & Sharon go on and we would find a kinder gentler trail.  WRONG!  What we found was a shorter trail, but not much improvement on the ankle twisting part.  We hoped to meet up with Bob & Sharon at Boo Boo Hill, but turns out Sharon did twist her ankle and her hiking day was over.  Rick and Deb dinghyed over to the trail leading to Boo Boo Hill which turned out to be a nice hike.  
  Our friendly beach greeter.

A baby starfish - awwwwhh  (i think it's dead?)
Broulee and Big Run at anchor from the top of Warderick Wells and fun stuff we saw along the hike.

Deb's favorite hike was to Boo Boo Hill where boaters leave their signature in the form of a plaque (preferably driftwood) with their boat name on it.  We didn't leave one this time, but we will see if we can make a proper sign to place here before we return north. 

In order to climb Boo Boo Hill we had to cross  Banshee Creek - lucky for us low tide so Deb was able to hop most of the way (remember the keep the leg dry thing - boring).

Looks like we are on the right trail.

We found Cocoon Too's sign from last year when they were here and

Front Page - Gene & Kathy Johnson from our hometown, White Bear Lake and Dee Light - Marv & Carol Market friends we met at Legacy Harbour Marina in Ft. Myers. But, no Istaboa - thought you guys left a sign here?
View from the hill of the park with mooring balls.  The two trawlers are friends we met in Bimini.  Mike and Jana on Second Star a Krogen Manatee and Gerry and Linda on Monk's Vineyard.
Saw this beauty on our dinghy ride back to the boat.

Our trusty dinghy.
Just another day in Paradise

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