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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back on Broulee in New York

Back to Broulee on July 7th just in time for Leslie's (our niece) Expo at her Therapeutic Equestrian Center (T.E.C) on July 8th.  The event was well attended, however, not many pics as I was helping sell food and Rick was helping direct cars to the designated parking area.  Our great niece Samantha rode in the precision drill team and we did break to watch that.  We are extremely proud of Leslie - it is amazing the time and dedication she has put into bringing this project to fruition.  There is a link to her website on the right of this blog - Leslie Nice Heanue.

Sunday night we were also entertained by incredible fireworks from across the river at West Point - my camera was having issues so, again, no pics.    

One of the favorties of the show - the minature horses.

The quiet riding ring prior to expo.  Even the sand here is special - it has to be dust and allergen  free for the riders.  The windows are garage doors that are raised to let air and light in.   Leslie's contractors used Amish techniques for the entire stable.  It is incredible.

The T.E.C. Precision Drill Team at work.

Video of T.E.C.'s mission.  

We were invited to spend time at Garrison Yacht Club - a private club - yes, lucky us, we know people who know people.  So after our pricey month at Half Moon Bay we left to go further north on the Hudson to Garrison. We need to pass Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant to get there - scary.
Passing the City of Peekskill.  Alot of places have kill in their name.  It means river or body of water.

Approaching the Bear Mountain Bridge - in 1924 it held the record for the longest suspension bridge - for 19 months until the Benjamin Franklin Bridge was built in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Broulee at Garrison Yacht Club - our family friend Jeff's boat is parked right there on the left.  

So it took us three hours to travel on Broulee to Garrison and then amazing only a twenty minute ride back on the train to Croton-on-Hudson (that's the slow life of trawlerville) to get our car to bring it back to Garrison (and that is our leapfrog life right now).  

On the train - Rick excited because as a senior rider he only has to pay $2.75.  I have to pay $5.50.  Also, we love trains, we both have fond memories of traveling in Europe on trains.  

After arriving back in Garrison with the car, our great nephews, Macderra and Devin joined us for an evening ride north on the Hudson.  As is typical for us, barges decided to join us on the waterway - and always on a bend.

Back at Sandra & Dons, Izzy was sensing our departure from Garrison and decided to gather a bone from Leslie's dogs, and the monkey from Brians dog, JoJo, along with the ball she found in the yard.  She is notorious for this - it's shameless.   

Picture of Hydrangea's from Sans gardens.  I am soooo jealous.

The courthard at the Nice's

Just when we sat down for dinner a shower passed thru - Rick rushed to close windows in Don's car.  Thank goodness the towel on his head kept his hair dry - really why worry about the hair?

We couldn't believe the next morning - picture perfect a little fog hanging in the hills.

Again, picture perfect West Point across from our marina.

The beautiful town at Garrison, Hello Dolly was fiilmed here - also picture perfect.

And what more can I say a sign at the marina office says it all.

We rushed to get our last morning provisioning done.  Then one last pic of  West Point and we were off.

Passing back south thru the Bear Mountain Bridge

Ferry Boat Binghampton - was one of six identical screw-propelled double ended ferry boats built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Docking Company at New Port News, VA.  She was launched in 1905  and  used as a ferry until 1969, then acquired by a contractor to be converted to be a restaurant.   She was listed on the National Register of Historic places in 1982, but as of this time the ferry has taken on water and is submerged.

So as if the waterway does not have enough going on - The Beast joined the melee throwing a huge wave into the mix.  Are you kidding me?  These waves will torment us for at least twenty minutes bouncing off the walls of New York and New Jersey.  Ok wait,
Make that at least 40 minutes - he's back after a 10 minute turnaround.  Izzy is buried deep in her kennel.  

The skies are clear and the city looks incredible.  The Empire State Building and New Yorker.

 Another picture of the Freedom Tower.  
On a clearer day
This fireboat was practicing his water spouts - he was head out to give the U.S. Coast Guard Boat, Penaboscot Bay a boat wash.
Heading to our anchorage behind "The Lady Liberty"  tomorrow starts our new adventure - going to places we have not been before - very excited!  

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  1. Love the pictures, especially Rick's towel hat! If you have time on your way by Mystic, we would love to see you. Give us a call, unfortunately, I believe we will be away on Tuesday and Wednesday.