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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Montauk to Block Island - wow we moved 17 miles!

We anchored in Lake Montauk from Sunday night thru Thursday morning.  Temps started out decent, but by Wednesday we were back in the 90's with high humidity.  Our camera battery charger arrived on Tuesday thanks to Sandra & Don so we are able to take pics again. We did not spot any whales, nor did Izzy do anything cute or funny that absolutely needed recording, so I guess we survived with out it.  Wednesday while running the air conditioning, we sucked a jellyfish into the generator strainer basket causing the system to shut down.  The culprit was located and extracted - yuk - stinky and ugly.  Go figure it would happen on the hottest day we have had.   Izzy enjoyed some beach time nearly everyday and we got some hiking in and eventually went  into town for lunch at Gosman's (famous for their Montauk Lobster Roll).  Originally planned to hang out here until a possible weather window on Sunday, but, Rick got antsy to move, so we waited till the winds died down on Thursday and motored over to Block Island, Rhode Island  for a change of scenery.  Today, Saturday, we are at anchor with at least 500 other boats (mostly sailboats) . Reminds of anchoring in Yost Van Dyke in the BVI's - you can almost pass the  Grey Poupon Mustard. Rain on Friday and temps in the mid 60's - yes, we have dug out our sweatshirts.  Saturday turned into a sunny perfect day with temps reaching 72 degrees.  Heading to the beach - more later. Next opportunity to move north might not be until Sunday - we will just have to wait and see.
  Coming into Lake Montauk  - the fleet and Gosman's Dock Restaurant

Montauk Yacht Club - nice, but we enjoy anchoring out.
more of the fleet
There were Jellyfish in the water, but Rick braved it (and the cool temps) in order to scrub off the green slime off of our boot stripe - using a life jacket for buoyancy - he actually looks like he is enjoying it. 

Nummy - Lobster roll at Grosman's Dock - not disappointed -  it was everything they said it would be.

Fun sign in the parking lot of the Montauk Grocery store.

 The entrance at Block Island - quite a boating destination - often called "the Bermuda of the North"  Block Island's temperatures are often 10 degrees cooler than the mainland in summer - looking forward to that!  On the weekends, in the summer, you can expect 1200 - 1300 boats anchored here. 

And you've got to love this - Aldo's Bakery delivers to your boat - morning from 7:30 to 10:30 (coffee, donuts, croissants, etc.) and late afternoon (4:30 - 7:30) more baked goods and Italian fare (Calzones and Pizzas) 

Rick hailed them over in the morning for a Blueberry  Tart and a couple of Chocolate Croissants.  

Rick is asking "Can you believe this"?  

Deb's parents are summering on the North Shore of Lake Superior at Grand Marais.  Last Saturday a good friend of theirs named Jerry Colburn (a local artist that does postcards for the area) stayed up all night to get these shots of the northern lights.  He e-mailed them to my Mom - awesome.
Harbor at Grand Marais.
Great shots, Jerry!  

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