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Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 6 - No Land

We are all a bit stir crazy by now and we have run out of cream for the Captain's coffee, but, otherwise, we are doing just fine. Lots of reading, sleeping and wine are helping us thru our days and nights.  The barn door is in sight and  we are all getting excited about going home for a month - this is what keeps us chugging north.

Izzy is putting on a brave face - I'm fine mom, look I am keeping myself entertained.
Well she was fine until we ran out of cream this morning (one of Izzy's favorite treats - now we have two grumps on board).

Now no one is talking to me - really guys I thought we had enough cream.

Tuesday night we made it to Mile341 - at the Calabash River, North Carolina anchorage.  Not much of an anchorage, but will do in a pinch and we were in a pinch.
Saw this fun boat somewhere past Myrtle Beach.
Renegade out of Hilton Head, SC

Wednesday night we made it to mile #264 Topsail Inlet anchorage just before Surf City Bridge.  It was a long, cool, windy day and we crossed the Cape Fear River.  The river was actually pretty decent - however, we encountered a freighter.... 

I was down below in Izzy's room comforting her and reading my book (Izzy does not like even tiny waves).  I did not know what hit us, but all of a sudden stuff was flying around the room, and I heard a crash in our stateroom.  After things settled down I went in to check out the situation - a lamp had fell, but the crashing sound was far worse than the damage - just a broken light bulb. (I normally stow the lamp if we are in rough seas). 

I went up to the pilot house to find out what the heck had happened.  The Captain sheepishly explained that he didn't think the freighters' wake would be that bad.  

Note to Captain - Freighter wakes may cause waves over Broulee's bow.  

On the plus side - 11 MPH speeds on the Cape Fear River - wahoo!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful - view of the ocean from the intracostal waterway.

Nice - SS Sophie

Thursday, up and out early to make Surf City Bridge (12 foot - opening on the hour).  
  Sunrise as we are pulling anchor - 39 degrees, brrrr.

Seriously - this is not the Bahamas, people - you're in North Carolina.

Went past Beaufort (Boefort), North Carolina, you don't really see anything of the town unless you take the time to go off the beaten path - maybe on the way south.  

Passed SS Sophie, again.

Sunset at a nice quiet anchorage at about mile #184, Cedar Creek - Adams Creek Canal.

 Sunrise as we are sneaking out of the anchorage this morning.  Patchy fog and 44 degrees.  Headed up the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound - keeping our fingers crossed for good seas.

I forgot to post this the other day - Rick informed me that he had chigger bites from our day at Cumberland Island.  He showed me them and I said "wow, what have you been doing - scratching them - they are really red".  He told me "no I put nail polish on them to stop the itching".  I stand corrected - they are not red, they would be O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me - my favorite toenail polish.  I had to google it, but he's right - nail polish is one of  the remedies.   

Have a good day!  


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual. But 39 degrees? You guys need to turn around and head back to Georgia!

  2. What is the mast for on the SS Sophie or was that on another boat behind it? Comms equipment?

  3. DO NOT USE I repeat, DO NOT use Nail Polish!!!!!!! Alchohol applied topically and a band aid if the area loses the skin layer. by the time the Chigger bite is actually felt the Chigger larvae has already dropped off and is gone. Nail Polish is not good.