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Saturday, April 7, 2012

They are real!!!! and Happy Easter!!!

Yesterday when we turned our chart page - there it was - the navi-nut, positioned on mile 590 - Isle of Hope Marina and we knew - it was destiny.  Can't say that we have ever, never prior to this, met a fellow blogger that we have not met before following their blog.  Drift Away is our first and we have looked forward to meeting these two and their boat load of pets since we signed on as followers in January. 
Really - they are here - here is proof.

We left Big Run at the anchorage on the Duplin River - it was a little blustery and they opted for the safe anchorage.  The winds were predicted to gust 25 miles out of the NE  and St. Catherine's Sound might be a challenge. It turned out the sound was manageable, however Hells Gate almost stopped us dead in our tracks.  Lots of skinny water thru this entire area.  We first thought we would not stop at Isle of Hope - but what the heck - we felt a connection to the crew of Drift Away after following their blog - this happens in boating - it's all about the people you meet.

It is beautiful here - we can totally see why Drift Away has settled in to this place - not only the scenery, but the people.  
Pam and Dave are amazing - how fun to follow the struggles of their first adventures as live-a-boards.  We did not have that opportunity in 2001 to blog our frightful experiences.  We love reliving our early days thru you - I know funny for us, but challenging for you. IT WILL GET BETTER! 

We also met a couple from St. Paul, Minnesota who were from our homeport - Watergate Marina and also the St. Croix River at Afton.  Their boat is Southern Belle and their names are Kermit and Chris Wold.  We will be adding their blog site to our list of followers.  They are loopers and hope to see them. again along the way north.

Again, more beautiful pics around the marina.

We loved this architecture.

We fell in love with these two dogs and Gertie the cat as we followed the blog Drift Away - what gentle souls to be able to coexist together.  Chevy and Ruby saying goodbye to Izzy.

Izzy pouting - she thought she was going to play with her new friends - forever.  Also sad for us because we thought we would play with our new friends forever, however we are on a schedule (you would think you would learn after 11 years) the grandkids are calling and Deb is once again heading for the barn.
 Some sights along the way.
Shrimp boats.

A Casino boat sneaking thru the grass.

It's been awhile since we have seen a freighter - very exciting.

Parasailing at Hilton Head.
Lighthouse at Hilton Head, SC
We are now anchored at Beaufort. South Carolina (Bewfort)

As uasual, Happy Easter from Izzy!!!

This also from Izzy's alter ego (Nice Izzy)

Happy Easter from the Crew of Broulee!!


  1. It was wonderful to finally meet you guys as well. It always amazes me when meeting internet friends in person for the first time how connected we are and how comfortable it is. I'm sure we'll hook up again somewhere in the future.

    If you're in Beaufort on Monday, stop by for lunch at Hemingway's. Lee will be cooking and she's amazing.

  2. How fun!!
    We've also been following their blog and it's like we really know them though we've never met.
    Reminds me of my brother's ham radios days. He had friends all over the world that he has never met and still stays in contact, but now by email.
    Looks like you guys are having fun.
    Still stuck in Memphis and having no luck with finding a place we want. Maybe we will just stop looking and be homeless for a while.