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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ebb & Flo (No they are not a R&B duo from the 70's)

We are experiencing something called a Perigean Spring Tide resulting in extremely high and low tides.  We are not tide people in Minnesota so we needed to google it.  Turns out it happens about three or four times a year (in the spring and fall) occurring when the moon is either new or full and the moon is closet to Earth.  We have struggled the past few days with tides and currents - today may have been a turning point - when your boat only goes 7 mph, you don't need a strong tidal current slowing your progress to 5 mph or less.  Today seems to be better. It's all about the ebb and flo.

Low tide at Church Creek anchorage - 5:00 PM Easter Sunday.
Four hours before high tide - Church Creek anchorage 7:30AM next morning.

Low Country docks - I'm thinking a checklist is a good idea prior to leaving the house.  Doug, could this be White Bear Lake's future?

Downtown Charleston Harbour.  We have spent time in this area back in 2003 while docked at Ashley Marina - it's a must see. This time we will be observing the harbour from the decks of Broulee.

t Battery Park - famous for its stately antebellum homes.

Patriots Point - home of the aircraft carrier Yorktown.
Fort Sumter National Monument where the first two shots of the Civil War were fired.

Found a nice, quiet anchorage at mile 415 - Minim Creek.  Plan was to get up early and get a head start in case we encounter that tidal current thing again.

Might as well sit back and relax - have another cup of coffee or two - this guy passed our anchorage just as we were pulling anchor - headed north into a no passing zone.

That's us the green boat - we barely fit on this river let alone try to pass a barge.  Some days it is not about ebb & flo.

Wow, it's a two bald eagle kind of day.

Pros and Cons of being on the boat day and night.  Pros - no need to brush hair or get dressed.  Cons - what to do with trash and a 70 lb. labrador.  Another con is I never know where we are, because I'm busy making breakfast, doing dishes, making the bed, making lunch, doing the dishes and so on - so I am not often at the helm.  The captain has grown tired of my constant question "where are we" - the Navi-nut has now become a permanent part of the helm station.

The last time I went up to ask where we were - the captain pointed at the navi-nut - problem has been solved.  Dave, the check is in the mail!


  1. Looks like a Navi-Nut version (patent pending) 2.0, which is much more stable than Navi-Nut 1.0. Let me know of any issues.

    Very cool seeing eagles. Pam and I didn't see any on the whole trip.

  2. Looks like you might need a little help with the placement of the Navi-Nut (patent pending). Maybe you need a few more lessons from Dave. You should try the Navi-WingNut. Heard it's more for beginners.....