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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not sure what day this is.

We know we are heading north, but can't tell you what day this is.  I think it is worse when we are traveling. So we left where ever the heck we were and are now at Cumberland Island - the place where the wild horses are.  Ok it is coming back to me - we left Daytona and headed out in a pack.  It was an early departure, we thought it was our secret plan - turns out everyone had the same plan.  Our friends on Cocoon Too pulled in near our anchorage, they are also starting their trip north. 
 Turns out Broulee and Big Run are at the back of this pack and we are all heading for the same anchorage later in the day - it doesn't  matter we are all traveling at the same speed - well maybe not that sport fish on our port side - he just wants to get the heck out of here he's trying to figure out how it got stuck in the slow lane.
 Our friends on Tourist a 48 Sea Ray try to be trawler trash - just saying - look closely, until you have clothes hanging outside of your boat you do not qualify. Oh and maybe a few barnacles wouldn't hurt.

Spring is in the air - I am calling these two the Love Tugs - not sure who is pushing and who is pulling.

  Oh yes, another lighthouse - St. Augustine - soon you will be begging me for sunsets - and you used to complain!
A beautiful Old city, St. Augustine.  I see a Krogen in the anchorage - turns out to be Coral Bay  - a Krogen 48 - we traveled with in the Caribbean.  We did the tourist thing in St. Augustine years ago, this year we are just a passerby.

Needless to say, we all made it to the Pine Island anchorage with room to spare - nice picture of Cocoon Too anchored behind Broulee in the early morning as we depart the anchorage.
 (Photo courtesy of Big Run)

This was the sunrise as we left - I love the northern Florida, southern Georgia landscape.

We have now passed thru Cumberland Sound on our way to Cumberland Island - the sound is home to 
Kings Bay Submarine base - home to six Trident-class subs - all I know is the base plays the Star Spangled Banner in the morning.  Cumberland Island National Seashore achieved it's protective status decades ago, ensuring that most of  the island will remain in its primitive status.

Izzy has not been on land for at least four days - actually the entire crew of Broulee could not wait to get to land. (Photo courtesy of Big Run)

Next morning off for a hike.

Bob and Deb - are we having fun yet?

Yes -this is gorgeous -but, course, I am focused on searching for the wild horses.

Ok, I think we are close.
And this would be my dream pictures 

and this is my reality  -

I was not sure if I should show this pic - our Granddaughter, the horse whisperer, will be wanting to come here and save the horses - Georgia, not what I was hoping for either, Love Nana. 
So we headed for the beach

Beachcombers, Deb and Sharon

Rick, Sharon and Bob

More beach stuff

Serious tan lines - well at least it is not the tell tale black sock line, but darn close.


  1. Awesome! Pam wants to go to Cumberland Island, which is not too far south of Isle of Hope. Beautiful photos!

    It looks like we might be staying here at Isle of Hope Marina for some time. We're planning an Easter Sunday dinner at the marina. If you can stop and want in ($15 a person) let me know. We ordered extra.

  2. I thought we made a good first attempt at being Trawler Trash. I'm working on an exterior clothes line for Pam to increase her drying capacity!

  3. Making good time I see... We're still stuck in Memphis, hoping obligations don't change our plans.
    Have fun
    Crew Istaboa

  4. WOW you got some incredible photos there!