-E.B. White

Monday, April 16, 2012

We have landed!

You could not imagine a happier experience than the sight of Isabella seeing land after seven days.  We were a little giddy also.  The past two days have been a push - we all pretty much went into hibernation.  We did 184 miles in two days - Friday we did 104 and Saturday we did 80.  It was great to finally get here - here being Atlantic Yacht Basin, where we will store Broulee under a covered slip for the next month or so while we go home to Minnesota to get things in order at our homestead and get hugs from the grandkids.   

We took turns sleeping, just to pass the time.

Izzy went into her complete hibernation mode - only waking to eat and do her business.

No one is getting any attention. 

Traveling thru the Pungo-Alligator River area - Need I say more - I think it's my time to nap.

 See the skinny line on the left - that continues onto the chart on the right - that's alot of BORING!

Sunrise before heading out onto Abermarle Sound - all of our crossings have been good and looks like today crossing the sound should be good also.  80 more miles to AYB and then packing for our Minnesota fix

The sound was good  - picture of sailboat en route.

So we talk about people we meet along the way.  They are not your friends that you grew up with, but just happenstance people you meet along your experiences in life.  Wayne and Carol (Take Time - Krogen Whaleback) we first met in 2003 during a rendezvous .  We ended up by happenstance in the Caribbean with them in 2006 /2007.  We are connected to them like close family.  It happens in this environment - we have common experiences and we bond.  
What I am getting at is they did something for us that blows my mind.  We left our car in Stuart expecting to do the car shuffling thing once we got here (renting a car and driving down to get our vehicle (1600 miles round trip).  We also left them our keys in case it worked out for them to bring our car a little further north when they started driving north to Portsmouth, NH.  Not only did they bring it north - they brought it all the way to AYB  - timing it within hours of our arrival.  Thank you, so much!

To complicate their lives, they have added a 40 ft travel trailer to their 20 ft van.  Anxious to move north to 
their acreage in New Hampshire, park their trailer and build their dream home.  Kudos to you!  Until we meet again - we are heading back to Chesapeake, pack up the Envoy for our trip to MN - safe travels to Portsmouth.  

See you in Portsmouth this summer!


  1. Did we switch boats? I thought Broulee had a displacement hull!
    Enjoy your time at home!

  2. The sailboat is an old Allied Chance 30-30 named Chancey. The skipper is a friend of mine named Jon. What a small world!

  3. Hey guys... Looks like you've made good time. Have fun in Minnesota.

  4. I didn't think Izzy could be that still. Every time we saw her she was always shaking all over!!!