-E.B. White

Sunday, April 17, 2022



Easter morning Bald Eagle Lake 2022.  Looks like a good day for us (although as I write this, the evening weather has taken a turn for the worse - snowing!!!!!)  Welcome to Minnesota spring. Thankyou Shana for hosting an amazing Easter Brunch, very nice to be with my family - Izzy and I are seriously missing Rick, still hoping to meet him & Broulee soon.

Izzy and I out for our morning walk got a good laugh, this was posted on the telephone pole near our driveway.  The McVeigh's have 4 young children.  What a brilliant mother.   Hope everyone had a good day!!!

Flashback Easter 2007 on Broulee in the BVI's.  Coloring easter eggs with sharpie pens.

Nice job Smiths, amazingly the Easter bunny found us.

Nothing better than Easter on the beach in the BVI's

Will post shenanigans of the Broulee crew  in next day or so.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022



Well we started off February celebrating Debs birthday appropriately at Smith House restaurant in Old San Marco with Doug, Robbie & Jane & Dean.

Then the fun continued next day with Wayne & Carol at the Speak Easy for twin lobster tails from Maine.

and, of course Carrot Birthday cake!!!!

These two showed up for the birthday party!!!

Some of our back home friends asked for pics of our boat, so here are a few.
Our saloon (living room)

Our Galley

Master Stateroom

Washer & Dryer

and the captain at the helm.

Deb home in February for Brother-In-Law David's funeral, hugs from these two greats made her day!!!!!

March is the prettiest time of year here -

and lots of threats for storms.

Red Sky in the morning.....

Also time for the burrowing owls to appear, sorry not a very good pic.

Oh, geez,  another project - Captain decided to rewire the anchor/windlass battery, and of course, its in the compartment under our bed.

Yikes, new battery in place and lots of wiring to follow.

Izzy's toys patiently waiting for attention, but for some reason she has been ignoring them, until...

Happy Hippo showed up (thanks Jane & Dean)

She's now back to greeting everyone on the dock with Happy Hippy.

Sadly, we are winding down our Marco Island 2021/2022 season.  Final celebration at one of our favorite spots, the Smith House restaurant with Jane & Dean, Doug & Robbie and Richie. 

Stay tuned for our next adventure.

SO MUCH FOR THAT PLAN.  We had decided to for-go our normal storage plans at River Forest ( prices in Florida have tripled) and  we wanted to do some much needed cruising. In preparation for our 3 week trip up the east coast to Norfolk, Virginia, lots of maintenance was happening, requiring engine and generator running.  Our 13 year old + dog started to have lots of anxiety (she's never enjoyed the boat thing, that goes way back, too many rough passages, right Big Run?).  The day before we were heading out for our big adventure, she decided she was not coming back on boat, combined with our son calling to tell us our furnace was out - we decided to drive home.  Temps were ok back home so house would not freeze, but wanted to get Izzy home to our vet (major diarrhea and vomiting, sorry for that TMI).  Plus side, she's doing good, happy to be home and enjoying chilly Minnesota.  Sad for me, Rick headed back to Florida and has asked a couple of friends to  help him move the boat and I'm here taking care of our girl. Hopefully I can join him on the east coast somewhere, for a few days of cruising.  Plans made in jello, the cruisers life.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but they are a series of small things brought together."
Vincent Van Gogh