-E.B. White

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - we sure did.  Looks like a go for tomorrow (Saturday) to start our trek south to warmer temps.  Awoke this morning to ice on the river and we know we need to get out of here so we don't get stuck here all winter, like last year.  Next few days are predicted to be in the 50's so this may be our next chance.  

I took this photo around 9:00 am Friday morning and a few boats passing thru had already broken up most of the ice.

We are still seeing about 10 to 15 boats heading south everyday, so hopefully we are not the last ones out.

Just some interesting traffic heading south. We saw him last year heading north - MV Sea Quest a Romsdal, what a beauty. 

Some people have other ideas of how to spend their Black Friday - maybe he did his shopping on Brown Thursday - I'm thinking not.

We stayed clear of all the shopping areas except Walgreens for some batteries.  We have fueled 550 gallons @ $3.45 for diesel.  We bought groceries and wine - $600.00. Some parts and pieces needed $300.00.  We think we are ready to go - it is what it is.  Again, it may happen and it may not - it is boating.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday Georgia Peach!!!

Actually we already had our family Thanksgiving - November 2nd. Debs parents were leaving for their winter home in Arizona and we were getting ready to leave for Broulee.  Amazing how much you have to pay for a turkey prior to the Thanksgiving sales.  Turkey behind us, we will have a crock pot pork roast with potatoes, carrots, celery and gravy. Our plans are to leave in the next few days - it is cold and blowing and nice to be connected to power (heat).

Happy Birthday to our granddaughter Georgia - Happy #13, Love Pops and Nana!  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are baaaack and It's time to get moving!!!, Part II

After getting our annual "Smith Family Pheasant Hunt" accomplished we packed up the car and headed for Broulee.  

Four hours of hunting in the rain proved to be a challenge, but we managed to get our six birds and everyone, but mostly Izzy, enjoyed the day.  She is not taking her eyes off of those birds.

Because we hunt at a game farm, we are allowed to hunt hens.  These six birds made for a very tasty meal  of Pheasant roll-ups (breast meat, stuffed with stuffing and wrapped in bacon), and Pheasant Pot Pie.

Izzy and Georgia checking out the birds.

Hard to believe we could wear out Izzy, but here she is the day after the shoot.  Dog tired, but making sure she doesn't miss the next hunt.  Rick had just finished re waxing his hunting chaps and I guess she figured if she slept on them she would know if we tried to go hunting without her.  That is her orange vest on the right, pretty much tore to shreds and drying out by the fireplace.

Monday we packed Jabby, Leggie and Izzy's favorite treat (donut holes) in preparation for a Tuesday departure. Our kids are now in charge of the "Smith Compound" and we look forward to wintering somewhere warm.  We are now back at AYB,  getting organized, trying to remember how everything operates and getting provisions.

Also trying to figure out where all this stuff will go.

Anyway good to be back on the water.  Will be here through Thanksgiving and then start heading south.  On a side note - the Great Bridge Lock is broken, again.  This time it will be needing a serious fix.  Right now they are only locking boats thru on low tide so boats arrive at AYB in herds.

Sunrise on Great Bridge.  Friday temps reached 72, today as I post this our high will be 32 - Time to get moving!!

Breaking news from the Smith Compound:

Introducing our new Granddog - Riley.  Oh, My Gosh - adorable!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's time to get moving!!!

It's time!  We've been busy buttoning up things in the frigid north and have our sights on heading back to Broulee.

Rick getting our bumper crop of peanuts dug up before our first frost.  This was our first experiment with peanuts and probably our last.  Planted 50 seeds and ended up with five plants, no thanks to the squirrels.  Next year, if we try again, we will be smarter (better screening).

Another experiement planting garlic proved to be a bit more successful.

So once again, tropical plants have been moved, boats and docks put to rest and  what leaves have fallen, raked and hauled to the compost site.

Of course, not all work - attended Cooper's Halloween party at school. This is his 4th grade class having some fun.  (Coop is the Grimm Reaper with glowing red eyes - middle of the pack).

We woke up to measurable snow last week, but it melted by the end of the day.  Pretty, but brief.  This past weekend Rick and son Brad took Izzy out for her first Pheasant hunt of the season.

Izzy was ready to go and is waiting patiently for the guys - she has been in there for at least a half hour.

Izzy very proud of her first bird of the season.  Good job Izzy!!

A cold front pushed thru most of the country and we have spent the past two days with temps barely reaching 30.  The words "wind chill" have crept back into our morning weather forcasts.  Yesterdays windchill made it feel like 12 degrees and this morning the waking actual temp was 13.  
Time to get moving.

Frosty view of the lake.