-E.B. White

Thursday, December 31, 2015


To our Family and Friends, CHEERS!
Love, Rick, Deb & Izzy

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Island Style

Just a few pics of the Christmas sights on the Island.

Crew Broulee waiting on Santa

Love, Rick, Deb & Izzy

Sunday, December 20, 2015

There's no turning back!

The helm project is now officially underway.  The captain has taken a saw to the old helm to make room for the updated helm.  At this point there's no turning back.  

Basically everything you see here will be removed, replaced or rearranged.  The only thing safe at this point may be the shift/throttle control on the right.  

The captain setting up workshop in the cockpit - it's all very secretive.  (Actually sheets are up to protect the Isen glass.)

The compass has been raised up and back portion of helm station has been decided on - this is a prototype only, found a good teak supplier - now the detail work begins.  Which hopefully means the whole project will move to our friends carpentry workshop.

The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year, but still managing to enjoy nightly happy hour on Broulee's bow as the sun is setting.

Flying Frigates - very entertaining.  This behavior is due to an affect called Thermals.  The birds are able to "ride" the air currents and climb to higher altitudes without much energy.  

When you see dozens or hundreds of them riding thermals it has been said that they resemble water boiling in a kettle - terms like boil or kettle are often used for this type of formation.  Ok, enough book learning - now it's Izzy time.

We've had a couple of dolphins showing up in the marina, between them and Mr. Kitty on our dock - Izzy's learning restraint.  Here she is practicing to stay put - didn't last long, but she is trying.  

Last week Deb's parents celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary
December 9th, 1950

Then and

Way to go!

Stay tune for updates on "the project"
Rick (3 years old) and dog Freckles.
Happy Birthday Baby!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Our normal modus operandi is to not spend year after year in Marinas, we like to wander, but the project we had planned for last year was put on the back burner due to the fuel tank repair.  So, once again, we are at Marco Island Marina - it's very nice here and a much needed carpentry workshop is close by.  Details on project to follow.

Got to River Forest on November 13th, in spite of our request to not splash the boat until we got there to inspect the bottom and cold galvanize the prop, she was in the water when we arrived, grrrr.  They graciously hauled her back out the following day and the Captain was able to satisfy his worried brain and spray the prop.

As, always, it's good to be back on the boat.

Happy hour on the back deck - enjoying the storm clouds that skirted us.

 Izzy and Lamb Chop taking a nap.  
Looks like we are all SETTLING IN.

We had a good run down to Marco, anchoring at Glover Bight then a run on the outside down to Marco River.

Bait shop enroute to the Gulf - look closely on upper deck at all the beach babes - wow, it's 7:00 in the morning, looks like those girls have been up all night, or many nights?

Coming thru the Marco River passing The Snook Inn - a favorite for the tourists - early in the season, so not many tourists.

Enjoying Thanksgiving with friends from Minnesota.  Thank you Jane and Dean - seated on left, Dick (Robbies Dad) myself and Rick and Doug, our good friend aka Robbies pain in the ass.  Robbie was stuck up north taking care of grandkids, missed you big time.

Friday we all took the shuttle from Lover's Key to Ft. Myers Beach to checkout the Sand Sculpting Championship.  
Here's a few of our favorites

All of it was amazing - great time with good friends.

Just before leaving Minnesota, Izzy broke a molar and we knew it had to be extracted.  Decided to have it done with her favorite vet, Lisa Newman at Bayshore Animal Clinic in North Ft. Myers. 

Picture of Izzy upon arrival back on Broulee after surgery.
"Where am I and Who are you people?"
P.S.  She's doing great!

Sunday we headed to Stans to show friend Doug what it's all about - quiet crowd, but still Stans

Two good friends and a bucket of Yuengling at Stans - couldn't get any better.

Last night was our Lighted Boat Parade - one of the entries from our Marina.  
Just a couple to follow - you really needed to be there to get the whole ambiance. And, of course, wine helps.

So I think we are doing ok, and, again the reason we are settling in here...

the helm rebuild project.  Prototype #1.  As I type this, it's already morphing into something else.  Updates to follow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


April showers bring May flowers.

Magnolia tree - northern version.  

Not as impressive as the Southern beauty shown here - but, we will take what we can get.

and, of course, in May - the ladies showing off their hats at the annual Derby party.

End of May, visiting with Rick's sister Sandra and her family in New York.

Also swinging by Wayne & Carol's near Portsmouth, NH to check out progress on their big house in the big woods.  Great to get our lobster fix.

June was wine making time - a batch of our infamous Raspberry wine and a jug of Pinot Grigio in the works, followed by a Piesporter, Gewurztraminer and a second run of Raspberry.  Now needing that second wine storage rack or maybe start drinking more wine.

Projects got underway in June - our wine production is demanding more storage - the first of two wine racks, nice job Rick.
and the second storage rack.

Also, nice job on a new radiator cover.  I'm running out of project ideas (not really).

Golf outing for our wedding anniversary. 

The 4th of July annual pontoon boat race - sadly we had to relinquish our 2014 race trophy to this years winner.  Where did that woodburning set go from when Rick was 12, he normally keeps everything? Guess we will be buying a new one.

Grandkids, Georgia & Cooper - guys, time to hand it over.  

So we have just been spending time Hangin at the Lake......enjoying the sunsets.

Chillin at Bald Eagle Lake

Relaxing at Platte Lake Cabin

Hangin with friends Bob & Pam at their cabin on Middle McKenzie Lake, WI.

Kelly & Izzy 

Izzy's sister Kelly lives next door to us so she is a frequent visitor.
  "The Beggars at work"

 On a sad note, Kelly lost her battle with cancer shortly before their 7th birthday in September.  It left a huge hole in our hearts, we miss you Kell-Bell.

Although Kelly can never be replaced, a new puppy can do wonders for the heart.  Meet, Maggie May - Izzy's saying " thank goodness the rest of the litter were spoken for, cute, but don't need no ankle biter."  

De-stemming Marquette grapes at Calisota Vineyard, Cannon Falls.

Hope this stuff comes off!

160 lbs of Marquette grapes, between 1st run and second run we should get 90 bottles of a Beaujolais style wine.

Managed to get a couple of pheasant hunts in, so looks like...

Happy Fall Y'ALL - do not know what happened to summer!
Temps are turning cool, fall projects put to bed.  

Everything buttoned up, kids are in charge of homestead and after a non eventful drive south - we are back on Broulee.