-E.B. White

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SEPTEMBER - A MONTH TO REMEMBER.  We had lots to celebrate in September and here is a recap of all the festivities. 

It's double nickels for Deb's sister Joni (the baby of the family) - by the way she still gets away with murder.

Granddaughter Margaret Elizabeth Smith celebrated her 13th birthday -  very scary.

 Grandson, Cooper Campbell Smith celebrated his 7th birthday (the baby of the Smith Clan)

Isabella celebrated her 2nd birthday.  Izzy has become a menace in the neighborhood.  While we visit with friends she is busy scouting out their yards for toys, balls and bones.  Everyone says - "oh she can have it" (mostly because no one can get it away from her).  This little prize resulted in diarrhea for three days some toys just don't stop giving.

Another toy falls victim to the diabolical Isabella.

Deb's parents adopted an 8 year old Shitzhu -  raised in a puppy mill then rescued from an abusive home.  He is the sweetest little guy and will fill a big hole left in their hearts after loosing their beloved dog Bailey to cancer.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

WE MANAGED TO BREAK AWAY FROM OUR SUMMER CHORES FOR OUR ANNUAL "UFF DA - U BETCHA" fix in Grand Marais, Minnesota  (located on the north shore of Lake Superior).  Original plans were to tent it, but at the last minute decided to see if we could rent a cabin because rain was forecasted.  Last minute is just a baby step ahead of no reservations -  luckily we managed to snag the Tiny Tim cabin (more like the Teeny Tiny Tim cabin) at Trailside Cabins and Motel.  Described as "cute, ideal for 1-2 people on a short visit who like to eat out".  Add a 2 year old black lab to the mix and suddenly sleeping in the car didn't sound like a bad idea.  Actually it was comfy and quaint, Deb's parents were nearby to feed us - and hey the cabin had cable and a widescreen TV. 

 The harbour is well protected by a breakwater.   

The next morning we were socked in with fog.

Walked out to Artiste Point and found these clever rock formations -  that's someone with alot of time on their hands.

Fog trying to lift.

While waiting for fog to lift - we toured the town, did the touristy shops and then went for a hike in the mountains.

Famous Sven and Ole's PIZZA?

The also famous Beaver House?

 The Angry Trout Cafe......
 and the angry hiker.   
Izzy was spooked by something on the trail - so our fun hike in the mountains turned into a "how fast can we get back to the car sprint".

The North House Folk School - where traditional northern crafts are taught. 

Courses range from Basketry, Boat Building, Music, Sailing, Tool Making, Wood Carving and a host of others.  These cute little boats were a recent project.

Can't say if this would be an improvement or not - but it did get our attention.

Random Lake Superior/Grand Marais pictures.
Crystal clear water.

A side trip to the Canadian Border to visit Isle Royale National Park was another highlight of our adventure.  We did not do our research before heading out and did'nt realize the only way to get to the park was by ferry (but not with the dog) - so this is as good as it gets.

I can see Russia from here - no, wait a minute - that's Michigan.
Izzy had a great time chasing balls, sticks and chipmunks - all of these things required a dip in the lake to cool down.
We love, Grand Marais - it's a great place to slow your pace down a bit and just enjoy life.
Just in case you get chilly (and you will) there is a jacket waiting for you.
Thanks, Mom and Dad we had a great time!

Split Rock Lighthouse - North Shore Lake Superior