-E.B. White

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last day of Summer - WHAT?????

Wow, can't believe it!  It certainly has been a "mixed bag" both weather wise and activity wise.  I cannot remember a summer where we have had so many northerly breezes coming across our lake.  Not much rain to speak of since I last blogged at the beginning of summer and we just survived a late summer heat wave and are now settling into a pattern of hot one day and cold the next.  

We have been spending a lot of time up at our cabin working on much needed updates.  We share the cabin and expenses with two other families and at an annual meeting this spring we decided to put a new, much needed, metal roof on the main cabin, update the main living room area and clear out more brush.  

   Rick, Brad and neighbors from across the way working on the metal roof.  

Rick built a new coffee table for the cabin living room out of old pieces of wood he had lying around.  Not bad - actually I would like this for the house.

New coffee table, an area rug, a new leather chair, some accent painting, a couple of new lamps - things are starting to look a lot cozier.

Ceiling fan addition.  Rick is not happy unless he has a project or two to work on.
"Although in a cabin retreat, pleasure overcomes duty - for a little while"

The grandkids came up for a weekend - Cooper just hanging out in the hammock and

Georgia hanging out in the trees.

Rewarded with great evening bonfires after a couple of days of clearing brush.

We love coming up here - it's a lot like the feeling when we get back to Broulee after our summer hiatus in Minnesota.  "We get to live - for awhile - the life we imagine, because it is necessary for our sanity, our balance in the world."

Izzy enjoying a play date with her sister Kelly and Kelly's big sister Jordan.

We also had some sleepovers when Kelly and JoJo's parents were fishing in Canada.  Nothing better than coming home from a hard day of golf to a wiggly welcoming committee.

Getting ready for the annual 4th of July pontoon boat race.  
Found out it's not about quanity - it's all about your throwing arm.  Most of our balloons didn't even make the target.  Oh, well, it was a hot day and being pelted by a balloon or two (more like fifty) was refreshing despite the bruising.  

Nothing better on a hot summer day - really brings out the kid in you.

Two of my favorite summer blooms.  
The Asiatic Lily and
the Tropical Rainbow Hibiscus

One of our favortie things to do is bringing Georgia to the stables to ride Nina.

Rick flew out to Atlantic Yacht Basin for a week in late July to check on Broulee.  We had chosen the option of not plugging into power ($100 a month)  with the plan of returning at some point to check on the batteries.  He also installed our new induction cooktop, our ceran cooktop had a run in with a bottle of olive oil after one of our many,  not so nice, bumpy rides on the open seas.  Happy to report that both the batteries and boat looked good.  Can hardly wait to use the new cooktop.  

We had a weekend Bob & Pam's cabin - celebrating Bob's birthday at The original Famous Dave's in Hayward, Wisconsin. It is the "Feast for Four"  and served in a metal garbage can lid.  Delish!!!

The last week before school started, the temps were in the 90's. Great opportunity to have the grandkids and Pam and Bob's grandkids on the lake for their last hurrah before the book learning starts.

Georgia and Bree anticipating some high flying tubing.

1st day of school (middle school).  Back row - Georgia, Jace.  Front row, Charlie, Jack, Jorja and Megan.

Cooper first day of 4th Grade, waiting for the bus.  (cell phone pic - can't believe Nana forgot her camera).

Deb's nieces, Meghan and Shana  participated in the "Warrior Dash" - this would be pre-race -   before mud gets into places you don't even want to think about.

The start.

The fire hazard.

Swimming in the mud hole.

The backstroke.

Really buddy??

The finish line.

The Warrior Dash Beauties.

The wash down.  

This past weekend was the Casserly/Smith Reunion at the cabin.  8 people five dogs - somehow we all survived.
Long day, tired night.
Notice the two spoiled dogs - Izzy on the couch and Max on Grandmas lap.  Left to right, Chief, Emerson and Clementine.

and wine making begins.